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Have asked a couple of questions about whether I should get the XT or 30D and have gathered some helpful info, but I have ONE more and then what I get is what I get.

Without going into an older post I did, let me say that build quality between the XT and D series isn't that important to me. The plastic composite on the XT isn't bad in my opinion and I will probably upgrade in a couple of years anyway. My main concern is image quality provided you use a good lens, which I plan to.

Ok, most posts I've read from folks say that the XT and 20D images are 'the same' in terms of quality. Some have said that since the 30D is basically just an adjusted and enhanced 20D, the images from it are the same as well, but many of these folks are 20D users I've noticed. People are now starting to receive their 30D models that I've read in a couple of other forums, and I'm now starting to read comments from people using them, that the images are 'slightly better'. Comments I'm seeing are that the high iso noise is a little better on the 30D than 20D, and I've seen a couple of comments from people who have said that .jpg images from the 30D are 'cleaner and sharper' out of camera than from the 20D. This would tell me that while it's not a huge leap forward, maybe the 30D images are actually better than the XT then?

I'll be making 11 by 14 and 16 by 20 enlargements, so even minor improvements in image quality I would think would show up on prints that large (?). While I would like to save a lot of money and buy the XT with a battery grip bottom and a nice lens right off the bat, I could swing the 30D but would not be able to get the extras as it would reach my budget for the body for the time being. If however, the 30D images are really 'noticeably' better than those from the XT, I would consider it worth it to spend the extra on the 30D.

Are there any people in here who do own the XT who have actually received their 30D models, and have really looked closely at images from the two using the same lens, and concluded the 30D images are better? same? I appreciate it. I'll take any info from this post and buy next week and won't fret over it anymore. I just want to make sure I'm getting the very very best images from the money I do have to spend. Build quality and enhanced features are only side lines. Image quality is the most important.
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Ok, so on another forum I read where the rebates for Canons that start on April 1st WILL include a $100 rebate for the XT. The 30D will not have a rebate.

So, is there anyone at all in here who has the XT and who has just got the 30D who can confirm for me whether or not the 30D images are better than the XT (using the same lens), or is the 30D more just a matter of better build/features for the money? Actual XT-to-30D owners, please. Thanks.
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