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I'm looking for a first timer Digicam and have narrowed the search down to THESE two.Pleasedon't confuse the issue by suggesting other makes/brands. I've looked at pretty well everything out there. The 4MP is adequate for my needs and the 10X optical zoom on the Z2 seems to be a good idea. We have moved to an area of lakes and mountains where I could take quite a few "longshots". There are a few drawbacks (its plastic)with the Z2 but nothing else that bothers me much.There are MANY good reviews for every "con".

The SONY is a 5MP and although its probably a better built unit (metal), it seeems to have quite a few drawbacks: memory stick, only 4X optical zoom, size/grip probably not too good for my large gorilla hands getting in the way of the lens or flash or pushing buttons inadvertently...I can't remember the others.

The Z2 is 269 and was my pick til the Sony just went on sale for 299 locally.

Input appreciated.

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Hi Alan,

You never realize how handy it is to have a big zoom until you need it but don't have it (unless you are a landscape photographer). For this reason alone I would get the Z2, but then again not everyone needs big zoom.

As for the metal body - While the metal body won't crack if dropped, it will not protect the insides any better than a plastic body. There isn't any type of shock-absorbing material inside these things, so things inside will still suffer the effect of the inadvertant G's. Where the metal body will help is if you have an impact of an energy that happens to be in between that which will crack a plastic body, and that will damage the internals, and that occasion is unlikely to happen....


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Thanks for the input Phil. Thats more or less along the lines of what I was thinking ..the BIG zoom coming in handy and I'm pretty careful handling cameras and the like. Havent dropped my 10 yr old one yet so the plastic case should be fine.

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