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Hi who_am_i:

Geting back to your original comment: IMHO you can't find a better low-priced camera in your price rangethat offers as many features (including manual controls), with AA batteries, than the C-5500. It'a a little gem; easy to carry and very pleasing photos. And it has a 5x zoom to 190mm compared to the Canon's 3x to only 114mm. The Oly has 7 resolution settings compared to5 forthe A95, a stronger flash, and 30 pfs unlimited video with sound, while the A95 only does 15 fps for 30 seconds.

Get an Energizer high-speed batteries charger, and have fun!.

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I may too...that's an awesome deal. :O
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As a owner of a Oly C770 UZ I have some questions on the Oly 5500:

1) focussing speed: comparable to the C770? Faster? I find mine way too slow, especially when using a strong zooom.

2) low light focussing: is bad on the C770: how does the 5500?

3) movie: the 5500 only has 320x240 pixel avi movie?

4) battery life: how many shots do you get in with a full load of rechargeables? I mean heavy duty: with zooming, previewing, deleting and such. I get around 200+ .. 300 pics and around 1,5 hours non-stop out of the tiny C770 battery

TIA for answers.
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I also own a C-765 so I have experience with the slow focusing and the inability to focus in low light situations. That is exactly where the C-5500 beats the C-765/770 twins completely.

Not only, is itmuch faster at focusing in normaly light, but because it has a focus assist lamp it has greatly improved low light level focusing as well. It really is quite a digital camera, selling for what I personally consider to be abargain price

I don't use video clips, and I cannot find any data on battery duration, but thus far I have been getting between 200 to 400 photos per charge.

Sarah Joyce
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