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rodo Aug 8, 2006 3:16 AM

Any advice on these two cameras .Both stillfor sale new here in England .the A 620 £150 , The A 95 £125 . The A 620 is newer has more zoom is faster it is said, but is imo not so well built it seems? LCD bigger but not so sharp it seemed to me , Worse build Ie plastic body and a cheap looking dark grey color. Is there much difference in getting the A95 as it seems a better/nicer metal finish. and is cool to the touch unlike the A620 that warms up when you hold it , A 95 seems better fit and finish, important to me ,Performance differences ? expert users advice needed here .am i going to get similar results with these two cameras? ,as i only print 6x4 , Would like the A 95 if it gives similar photos to the A 620 but wantexpert advice first please, i thank you .,

flippedgazelle Aug 8, 2006 7:56 AM

Actually, I don't find the A620 to be cheaply built at all - it is certainly on par with the A85 I had. I use it at work sometimes and I've received comments on what a nice piece it is.

The A620 has almost no shutter lag, whereas it's quite noticeable on the A95. Also the shot-to-shot speed on the A620 is much quicker.

The A620 produces somewhat better pictures, though not dramatically so. The A620 uses the Digic 2 processor, whereas the A95 uses the older Digic one.

The LCD on the A620 is 2" vs 1.8 on the A95, but the pixel count is similar, so the A95's LCD is sharper. However, I've found the A620's LCD works a bit better in bright light than on the A85 I had.

Have you read Steve's reviews of the 2 cameras, or at DCResource?

cameanee Aug 10, 2006 3:48 PM

I purchased the A95 soon after it's release because I wasn't ready for a dSLR, but felt it was time to go digital. After exhausting research (like I'm doing right now for a dSLR) I picked-up the A95. It is perfect for the family/vacation pics. For fun,I adjustthe settings and take add'l pics to see the differences from AutoPic Mode (the camera's M/Av/Tv/P modes is really another language for me...but I try).

I don't enlarge beyond 5x7 or crop too muchso the MP count is not an issue.

BTW: My friend has the same camera and never takes it off of AutoPic...she loves hers as well.

Almost forgot, the swivel screen on these are priceless in my book. It allows you to take shots with the camera at difficultangles or overcrowds.

I haven't shopped for a P&S since, so I don't know what else is out there. I just know that if you get a good deal on the A95/A620, you'll get a nice camera.

rodo Aug 15, 2006 4:06 AM

Do both of these have the e 18 lens error problem and do they both have noise problems please thanks for two replies btw .

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