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The 720 has 6x zoom with IS, but seems to go for less than the A630. I personally have tested both and like the 630 better, battery life and refresh is quicker with the 4AA batteries and the larger sensor seems to yield crisper images. Also the 630 has a swivel LCD, which comes in useful.

I currently use an A610 with the A540 as my alternative "backup" camera. I like the A610 better but the A540 makes a fine backup.

I was drawn to the 630 for it's A610-like build (I can use all my A610 adapters) but additional options in My Colors,etc. But since it's been discontinued, prices have actually gone up. The 8MP would also give more more cropping power, but at this rate maybe I'll just stick with what I got.

I wish Canon would use a live histogram feauture, tested out an Olympus FE-320 which is also 8MP and it has that. The salesman at Office Max said it took SD cards, but he was wrong, as Oly's are xD only.

So what do you think is the better camera, the 720 or 630? I know phsycology plays a role in stuff, so I figure I'd ask some other ppl's opinions on this issue. Pretty dissapointed most new Canon Powershotsare the 2AA models with the smaller sensor.

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Well, at first I considered buying A630 because of the swivel LCD. However, I couldn't find any in stores here. Later, I read a lot of reviews in different sites and realized IS is actually a very important tool. So I'd go with A720IS, although there's a recharge lag (not sure that's the correct expression) that annoys many users. Plus it's kind of heavy and it doesn't have the same image quality as A6XX series.

Have you considered A650? It has a swivel LCD too. And IS.

Lila, Brazil
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I was actually looking at test photos on imaging resource, the A720IS actually seems sharper with less corner blurring than the A630. When it comes to noise they are both about equal.

I also never realized the importance of IS, until I looked at the samples and my jaw dropped. I think I'd have to be crazy to pay more for an A630 which does not have IS.

The A650 is too much $$ and 12mp is overkill. I'm still fine with the 5MP my A610 has.

They seem to think the more MP the better. Not neccesarily.

The shot to shot time is abit of a drawback with the A720, but the IS more than makes up for it. I dunno how many times I got blurry shots with my A610 handheld because of low light. IS would've saved me big time.

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Lila is very correct in my personal opinion. The IS feature, in the final analysis, is more useful, at least to me,than an articulated LCD.

Sarah Joyce
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