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Hi all. My name is Paschalis and I am from Greece. I recently faced the classic problem with my Canon S1-iS CCD malfunction (purple noise) during my summer vacations and since the repair is estimated over 250 euros (about $ 321) I am thinking about purchasing a DSLR camera and especially Nikon D-50.

Considering the fact that I am going to use this camera for my work too I would like to ask if Nikon D-50 is a reliable camera. I don't want to face the same problems as I did with my Canon an that's the reason that I'm not interested in Canon DSLR's.
The second thing that is concerning me is a low budget zoom lens for my camera. I would really appreciate if you could recommend me a decent lens to start with (35-105 or 35 135 would be very nice).

Any other advises about a camera/lens would be very helpful.

Sorry about my poor english

Than you in advance Paschalis

P.S. I recently noticed in Nikon's web site something about "voluntary recall and replacement program for certain Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries EN-EL3."
Any info about that?
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The D50 has had no major issues concerning reliability. The battery recall you mention was initiated almost a year ago. There were a couple of instances of batteries overheating and possibly being a potential fire problem. This only affected batches of cameras released during that time period, and it is highly unlikely you would encounter one of those cameras on the market today.
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If you are interested in the Nikon, also check out one of the Pentax dSLRs. Both put out good cameras, but they are physically different. If you can, go to a camera store and handle both of them - most people will prefer one over the other. Both cameras come with kit lenses that are very inexpensive (the Pentax is something like $60 more with the kit lens) but it only goes to 55mm (Nikon is similar). There are lenses made by Sigma and Tamron that can be purchased in either mount (or Canon, too) that would more closely match your focal range. So physically handle the cameras and go from there.
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