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Default Advice on dSLR-like camera

My 17 year old niece has been taking some photography courses at school and has asked her mom for a new digital camera for Christmas. She really wants a dSLR, but they're hoping to keep the cost under $400, so that's clearly not an option. They asked me for camera advice as I purchased my first dSLR earlier this year (Pentx K-x) but I don't know very much about the "dSLR-like" cameras out there. If anyone has any info or advice for a quality camera in their price range with at least SOME manual features it would be very much appreciated.

Happy Holidays all!
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well it if she is getting serious about photography. Something along the lines a dslr is most likely going to be something that will grow with her interest. As she can learn to shoot with shallow dof and more advance shooting.

If they can expand the budget a little, you most likely get her into a micro 4/3 camera. The epl-1 new is about 449 and a olympus refurbished is 399.99. It will match the IQ of the k-x from 100-1600iso, and can grow with her. And will let her shoot in full manual. And it uses the same sensor as olympus's dslr.

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They could try looking at a G11 or a G10 (used). The G-series from Canon offer manual controls similar to a dslr as well as automatic settings as well. I'm not sure of the prices in the US so you'd have to do a bit of looking however I'm confident they could find something within their budget. This is a p&s camera though.
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