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Hi folks. I need some opinions. I have an opportunity, through a rewards program at my company, to get a FREE camera. There are 4 different kinds. All include a kit lens. They are: Canon XTi, Nikon D50, Olympus E-500, and Sony A100. Originally I was trying to figure out which one I wanted to get in order to keep it and use it.
Now the decision is modified slightly. I have decided that I want to go with Nikon. In fact, I have already purchased an 18-200mm VR lens and a 50mm f/1.8D lens. But I still don't have a camera.
With the decision to go with Nikon made, I started thinking about a D40, a D50, or a D80 (D200 would be way too much for me - I am moving from P&S to my first DSLR). The D50 I could just get from the company and keep. Simple decision. If I go with the D40 or D80, I will buy it outright from somewhere else, then get one of the cameras offered to me from my company and resell it brand new to make back some of the money.
So the question is really what seems to make the most sense to you all. Get the D50 and just keep it, get a D40 or a D80 instead? And if I go with a D40 or D80, which of the four cameras listed above do you think will have the quickest and best resale value brand new?
Thanks for your help. I realize my situation is probably win-win no matter what I do but I know there is so much knowledge in this forum and I really would like to hear opinions as to what makes the most sense to you.

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First which one to keep - go for the D80 if the price is not a problem for you. Next is the D50. I really am not a fan of the d40 - because it doesn't have a focus motor you lose the ability to use about 2/3 of the lenses offered for Nikon cameras both from Nikon and 3rd party lens makers. And who knows a year from now what lens you may want? One of the benefits of the Nikon system is the wide array of available lenses. The only thing the d40 has going for it over the other 2 is cost. Buy the d80 if you can, if not get the D50.

As for which of the other cameras has a higher resale rate, Id check ebay if I were you. I'm guessing the XTi probably does as it's the newest camera. The D50 is 2 years old and the E500 is at the end of it's life cycle as well with new Oly cameras coming out in the next month.
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