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Also, would you mind expounding on the reason you are looking to replace your W50? I believe it has the scene modes you specify, and, imo, the Sony does better in Auto mode than the Fuji. In fact, I would hazard that moving from the W50 to either the Fuji F30 or the Nikon S500 offers no improvement at all in image quality, with the exception of the Fuji's low-light/high ISO capabilities. Even then, the trade-off is that the Sony W50 does a tad better in sunny, outdoor conditions.

I use a Sony W30 (same lens and processor as your W50) as my stuff-in-the-pocket camera.

EDIT: Thanks for the compliment, Sarah.

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Thank you for the beautiful photosBut you know to be honest I am gonna find it difficult to part with my SONY,Although the photos that you have provided are wonderful they don't look too much different to any I have taken with the SONY.I think I might just stick with it for now.

The only reason that I really wanted to change it is because I recently came in to a small amount of money,and thought well theres no time like the present,might as well treat myself to a new camera.But now I think I will stick to old faithful,its never let me down.

A big THANKS to everyone for your help.

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