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I don't have a "fixed" subject for my photos... i'd want a multi-purpose cam, maybe with a little preference for landscapes (i travel across Italy for work).
I am thinking about the movie-feature, i don't own a videocam and maybe i would like to shot some clip, but i don't know if this feature is "so important" to drive my choice...

E.T., do you have a suggestion about some camera with a wider angle but still a good tele extention?
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From long very long zoom cameras that Fuji S9500 (28-300mm) and Samsung 815 (28-420mm) are only ones with good wide angle.

But size of that Samsung is huge and it weights nearly 1kg, also its tele end isn't such bright (F4.6) which is really bad considering it doesn't have image stabilization or better high ISO capability. (meaning tele would be well useful only in good daylight)

Fuji would have better high ISO capability to compensate dim aperture and lack of IS.
Weight is lighter, around 3/4kg but size is quite same. (there's good comparison shot for biggest non-SLRs)

Then KonicaMinolta A200 would be more compact but has shorter tele, 28-200mm, but that still gives double magnification compared to normal pocket digicams.
I myself keep that range quite enough for general nature photography, there's some samples what I've taken with cameras using that lens: 1, 2
Actually myself I would buy A2 instead of A200 (in fact bought used A2 just as spare) because it has superior manual controls, high resolution EVF and that battery grip possibility but for non-enthusiast photographer A200 should work equally well.

Also Anti-Shake (name for Minolta's sensor movement based stabilization) works really well in videos and decreases much that fastest jerkyness which becomes easily very disturbing when taking video and zooming to tele end of lens so that could be big plus for cameras with image stabilization.

But wouldn't it be nice if we could have even just half perfect camera?

And when it comes to videos about all digicams can take considerably higher resolution videos than what VHS recorder is able to resolve so for casual use digicam's video mode can fully replace separate video camera... and especially in travelling one device fewer is always better.
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I've had an FZ20 since May, and I would not recommend it. Generally speaking, I don't really see the need to buy any kind of "ultrazoom", since the digital SLRs have gotten very affordable these days. If you get a Nikon D50, for example, with a couple of second-hand lenses, you spend maybe 100 to 200 euros more than on a new FZ20. The difference in picture quality is very noticeable, and performance in low light is in a completely different category.

I even bought an external flash for my FZ20 but, as has been said, it's very difficult to use it in low light. No, make that impossible. The viewfinder goes completely dark, so you end up shooting blind. Also the autofocus does not perform very well in situations when you need to shoot quickly. You get many blurry pictures. And anyways, you can't get an instant picture of anything, since it takes too long for the camera to start up in the first place. All in all, I'm really looking forward to getting a digital SLR and saying goodbye to the panasonic.

I don't know about the Fuji superzoom, but I would only get one of those if I found a very cheap used one. Maybe not even then. The superzoom seems like the worst option for budding photographers. You spend a lot of money but very quickly realize what's missing.
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