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Being in the same realm to ask similar questions..

I found distance shots from the click of a button have larger glass lenses on the camera, and take color in way better. the smaller the lense, the more chances are you will have to go to "3x optical" (and it is quite oibvious which ones need it.) to get the photo as we see it with our eyes. (That happens on small lenses only..like 95% of cameras out there now regardless of megapixel)

For fast shoot, ready to go, good brand names of most kind do excellent. The glasslense in the 1 inch diamter range and up are the most real i have encountered and never discussed realistically when product advertised (go figure). Also, a camera with swappable lenses can help get thepoint and shoot and settings saved for default click and get as well.

It seems they claim all lense regardless of size can do similar, I have learned otherwise. Also "3mp" with a very nice lense beats up the quality of even more mp wth smaller lense. (I have proven it inadvertantly) I travel and photo...there really is expensive Crap for engineering out there, I hope you get good advice. I hope to get some as well.
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You might want to check out the new Sony H10, it does HD, but is only 8MP. More MP on a small CCD today is not always an improvement.



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