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Some of you may have seen my previous posts and know I've been looking for a new all-in-one prosumer. Cameras I've considered include:

Fuji S9000
Panasonic FZ30
Konica Minolta A200
Samsung 815

As an alternative, I'm now considering buying two cameras instead of one. This would give me the versatility I want for less than a dSLR and lenses.

What I'm looking for:
Great pics (good color and detail, low noise, no purple fringing, low distortion)
Good in low light
Good for night shots
Good for interiors
Good for nature shots
Long zoom (prefer 10x or better)
Wide angle (prefer 28mm or better)
Manual controls
RAW and/or TIFF
8x10 prints
IS preferred
Metal body or underframe preferred on at least one of the cameras

Under consideration:

Olympus C-8080
and maybe one of these:
Panasonic FZ5
Fuji S5200
Kodak P850

Can anybody suggest better or different cameras that, in combination, would let me shoot the full range I want? Ideally, I'd like to do this for <$800. Thanks!
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B1ue wrote:
Samsung 815

I want for less than a dSLR and lenses.

Under consideration:

Olympus C-8080
Couple of thots .... 815 isn't even out yet, so hard to say (although ppl have not been too happy with the initial demo shots posted on Samsung website).

imo ... if you're looking at dSLR and you're thinking of the high cost, you might consider the fantastic deal that's going on now (in the US), the Olympus E-300 with 2 lens kit. It's $715 shipped from newegg this weekend fwiw. You get 2 lenses that cover 28mm to 300mm, and overall performance that will beat the other digicams you mentioned (the usual 'high ISO can't be used' argument is moot if you're comparing with digicams, and with neatimage you can get by with 1600 usually, even at 8x10 print. No video though.

You could wait for the R-1 also (don't think Sony will lower the price much though).
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The best image quality and low light capability are the Canon DSLR's. Take a look at the Canon Rebel, Canon Rebel XT or the the 20D.

The quality remains after the price is forgotten.

The Evolt is an interesting option if you don't plan to spend any more in the future.

The C-8080 isa pretty tasty camera as well.

However, in my opinion, the best all-round cameras are the Canon's. That's why Canon owns more than 50 percent of the DSLR sales.

Prosumers are nice, but they really cater to those who want simplicity, lower cost, or slightly smaller caerma size.

However the trade off is image quality and flexibility

Given the different situations you'd like to photograph, it's nice to have dedicated lenses that really address those situations well.

-- Terry
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Core and Terry, thanks for the tips. I shot film with an SLR for a long time. I got tired of hauling around all the accessories, so I'm not ready to commit to a dSLR. The Sony R1 sounds great but I understand there's no video option.
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