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Default Almost going mad :) please help

Hello everyone
I'm trying to find myself a descent camcorder that records on memory sticks and is in the low price range.
I need it for my hobby experiments with video editing software, removing green screen (wallpaper in my room lol), placing 3d objects in a shot and so on.
So first i bought a 25 euro webcam, that was supposed to support HD, only to find out that it does support HD but with 5 frames per second

So now i decided to get a real camcorder, but it's so confusing i don't get it at all

For example "Praktica DVC 5.1 HD" is cheaper then "Samsung SMX-C10".
The Praktica cam supports HD and still images and the Samsung model doesn't.
Why is the HD model cheaper?
Is it better to get a newer model that doesn't support HD then an older model with HD support?
Is the picture quality better on the new models simply because they are new and more expensive ?!
I'm so confused

On top of that I'm in Bulgaria :/ and my choice of hardware is limited to the following three websites.




As you can see on the third one the Praktica model with HD is cheaper then the Samsung model without HD

I know the websites are not in English, but if you can please mention any camcorder model on any of the three websites which you consider to be a "descent" model for it's price?

I just worry that i may go for the HD Praktica models because they support HD and can take still images, and later find that the none HD Samsung SMX-C10 model makes videos with better picture quality and faster frame rates.
That would be like terrible
Also the reverse would be terrible as well.

Please help if you can
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For 25 euros, nothing is going to be "decent." It's going to be junk. Stay away from generic brands like "Praktica". Check out last years Sanyo models if you truly want something "decent" at a low price. Again though, it won't be anywhere near 25 euros.
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Emm the 25 euro thing was a webcam not a camcorder I took it for experiments.
And it seams that we don't have the Sanyo brand in our shops :/
Oh well thanks for the help anyway.
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