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emmagee Dec 5, 2005 5:59 AM

Last spring I purchased a Canon SD200 for my mother, the LCD was craked shortly thereafter by my father. I assumed this was because he had hit against something, I now know that this is a product defect.

Before learning this, I had decided to buy my Mom another SD200 or SD400, I was also going to buy one for my wife, however, because of this obvious problem I will not purchase another SD. What would be a suitable alternative? I would like a comparable size and at least 3 megapixels. I would prefer a camera in the under $250 range. Amazon has the SD200 for $165 and theat was VERY attractive, but not for a product that has a serious defect.

So what say y'all, what camers should I take a look at? Thanks for any and all advice!

airshowfan Dec 5, 2005 6:29 AM

It seems that recently a flood of very small digital cameras have been released. There is no shortage of options for you to look at.

Personally, I think Casios are really neat. They're easy to use and very small and have long battery lives, their scene modes include very helpful and illustrated descriptions of what the mode does and what you're supposed to do in order to get the bst picture in each situation...

Sony, of course, has a plethora of tiny cameras out, like the P200, and the T33 and T5 and T7, plus a bunch of slightly older versions of each of those. Kinda overpriced in my opinion, and image quality is not so great. Sony's S40 and L1, though, are quite cheap, super tiny, and very easy to use, and offer a different and interesting form factor.

Kodak has the V550. Fuji has the Z1. Panasonic has the FX7/FX8/FX9. Minolta has the X1, X50, etc. There's tons to choose from.

More info at

I hope that helps.

elmoalice Dec 8, 2005 11:22 PM

very low prices for kodak v550, and most other cameras are low priced there

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