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Right around the first of June this year I ordered, after much consideration, a Nikon Coolpix 8400. Well, that order went awry, to put it mildly, and the only place now to find this camera is via another German web store, and I will not challenge destiny to such a degree.

What I liked about the 8400 are the following things: 1. Combination between dslr and compact camera, meaning both manual and rather automatic shooting modes; a kind of exchangable lenses (converter lenses) , 2. Wide-angle capability by default. 3. Good macro mode by default, and 4. Rather good evening/dusk photography capabilities, tripod provided.

Thus, I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for an alternative to the 8400?

Edit. I know nothing will fit the bill perfectly, as compact-dslr-hybrids aren't around anymore; this thread is about compromising, so don't hesitate to suggest something that seems suitably suitable

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I own a Nikon 8400 and you do see them available on ebay. The camera is quite slow all the way around:slow to focus, shutter lag, slow shot to shot. The 8400 does NOT have interchangeable lenses.

If wide angle is your priority then you might want to look at the Kodak P-880 and the Kodak V-570.

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Thank you for your reply.

The Kodak V-570, while undoubtedly practical due to its compact size, doesn't appear to offer very many manual settings.

The P880 however, is interesting. I shall have to read more about it.

And the 8400 has converter, or 'add-on' if you will, lenses, which I did say.

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