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Default Another Fuji HS10 or another Camera


I have now decided I better get another working back-up camera. I own an Olympus Waterproof camera and the Fuji HS10 as my working camera. I also own a Sony D-SLR that will need a bunch of work and don't see myself using if repaired, the lenses are so limiting without changing them and that is where the problems all started for me.......

My Fuji HS10 now has 23,000 frames taken with it since end of April-Early May, I am starting to wonder how long the shutter will last. I have noticed only one problem with it and that is the rubber grip around the handel/batteries where you hold it is starting to come loose on the top edge, sorting of peeling off. makes me thing I need to put some rubber cement or glue but don't want globs so holding off (as its minor)

My options are to get another Fuji HS10, wait to see if a replacement comes out for that (I am guessing since the HS10 is so popular it might take some time) or buy another new camera. I have not even started looking at new cameras as I like my HS10 so much but started to wonder the other day what the replacement for this model will bring and if their is a camera out there that builds on this and some of my disappointments without going with an S-LR.

The camera must be able to perform well if my Fuji HS10 goes down and out. It must not be a less IQ camera (i.e. I will only use as a back-up thought).

I shoot a lot of fire and rescue stuff as we as breaking news and need a camera where the sensor will not get screwed up again like my SLR did from changing lenses. Sure put one on and leave it but for what I do I need wide to telephoto in one lense and even my 28-300 didn;t have the IQ I get from the Fuji at 300mmm, sure thr camera was faster but thats about it.

What I like about the HS10 - hand operated d-slr type zoom barrel; 30x zoom (although I can live with an 18x or higher); IQ at 1600 is exceptable for what I do; I also like the Auto ISO that you can control the upper limits of; and use of AA batteries (akthough if I can find a single batery pack that will last as long as my AAs do I would condier switching my eneloops last upwards of a 800 frames at time)

Now for what I dislike about the HS10 is the continuous shooting mode. I would really like to see a camera that can take frames over many seconds whether this be 1fps 2fps 3fps etc. Even if the burst only last 5 to 10 seconds. I dislike having the option of only a single shot and the rapid fire 7fos in 1 second is too short of a burst for me in time length. And you have to leave silent mode in order to use the hotshoe or pop up flash

Budget: including any battery I'd have to buy is around $500, I paid under that for my current Fuji HS10.

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