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Default any rumors out there for weather-resistant cameras ?

I am hunting for a 'portable' water-resistant camera for photography:
- surfing
- in the rain (as in Seattle... or a Miami rainstorm)
- rafting / kayaking.

The idea of a waterproof case doesn't appeal to me as shooting while in movement (such as while kayaking) requires a fast 'whip it out / blind point / shoot' capability.

I am leaning towards the Fuji Finepix S1 because of its weather-proofing and fast focus. I believe I can accept the slightly softer images that people write about.

Q1: Does anyone recommend other cameras for spontaneous shooting in wet environments as described?

Q2: I am not in a super-rush... Are there any rumors out there about an improved S1, or a competitive camera, coming in the next 3-5 months?


[a bit about me: I am a photog 'enthusiast'. I typically shoot nature and locale shots. I am spoiled with a great Nikon and amazing lenses (like the Nikkor 85mm/f1.4 lens and the Tokina 11-16mm/f2.8 lenses). I shoot with other Nikkor fixed lenses only because I prefer aperture priority.

I do not enlarge to poster size (typical largest print is an 8x10) --- but I do crop-in (usually not a great deal -- I don't blow up a little 2" square area of a larger photo) to print 8x10's...]
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Pentax has a number of weather resistant and even waterproof cameras.
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Thanks. I am aware of the Pentax cameras. I decided to call them to discuss firsthand about their water-resistant cameras and I learned nothing new.

Pentax has some point-and-shoot water/dust-proof cameras, and a water-resistant SLR body with add-on lenses. Unfortunately none of these meet my needs.

I am still hoping that in the next 3-4 months Fuji puts out an improved Finepix S1.

For my nature adventuring, water-resistance, healthy zoom (more than 4X optical, but no need to go to 20X...), manual modes (shutter and aperture -priority) and a single camera body, are my key feature desires. Along with good picture quality...

Well, I guess I will have to wait and see. There does not appear to be anything else out there competing with the S1 at this time.

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