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Default Any Super Zoom Camers or Pocketable DSLR Worth It?

I miss having super zoom on my camera sometimes, because we have become like so many others (and I thought I'd never see the day) where we're only using our phones as cameras, and not bothering with the dedicated camera.

But thinking about options, are there any Pocketable DSLR cameras or else super zoom (also pocketable) cameras that:
  • Cost $200-$400 max
  • Take better photos/videos than current phones
  • Have other features to make them worth carrying an extra device
For comparison, we currently carry:
  • Moto X 2nd Generation
  • iPhone 7 Plus

Thanks for any thoughts.
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As a rule, superzoom cameras are not "pocketable". A lens with a substantial zoom range will extend out from the body, perpendicular to the body, making it an awkward size and shape, more so than a smartphone. That's why many superzoom cameras have the classic SLR shape.

If anything, I'd say that Sony's HX80, HX50 and WX500 are the types of cameras that are as close to what you're looking for, as you're likely to get, and they are limited to a 30x zoom ratio.
  • The lens is the thing.
  • 'Full Frame' is the new 'Medium Format'.
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TCav's recommendations would seem a good fit for you- and the zoom alone is surely enough of an advantage over a phone.With regards image quality- I'd say MOST camera's (of the like mentioned) take better images than a phone...

It's a shame cameras haven't added a phone to the specs sheets- as opposed to the other way round..!
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How about the Nikon A900? Even more zoom!
For an off the wall recommendation, go to Amazon or Ebay and order a Casio ZR800. Just 18X zoom, but lots of cool features based on its super fast burst mode capabilities. They ship them mostly from Japan, but they are cool cameras.
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