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Originally Posted by mtclimber View Post
Yes, Javacleve-

You can train and condition yourself to hold a camera very steadily. The more you do it, the better you get. However, I believe that IS really becomes valuable anytime the shutter speed falls below 1/50th of a second.

Perhaps you read my previous post incorrectly. I am very much against hand held Live View use. Live View is fine, buy only on a tripod.

Most recent point and shoot cameras tell you right in the optical viewfinder, the aperture and shutter speed to be used when you push the shutter release half way down and when the camera is in the "P" for Programed Auto Mode. Are you shooting in Auto? Point and shoot cameras generally will NOT display the aperture and shutter speed when the camera is used in the Automatic Mode.

Sarah Joyce
Yes, I did understand what you said about Live View, and I agree, except I was adding that there are situations where I like it (such as shooting above the crowd). My current P&S does not have a viewfinder so I'm forced to use Live View, and that's annoying to me.
I don't have a program mode on my P&S (Nikon L14) that I am aware of. There are scene modes, and things I can override (like an exposure compensation button, and I can go into the scene modes and change some things--like choose "softer" or "brighter" for the portraits), but not a P mode per se. So I guess I am using Auto mode, and it never tells me the speed or aperture.

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Sorry, TCav-

Because the only Olympus model that has been discussed in this thread is the E-620, I assumed that a generalized statement was sufficient. For the record, then let me state that the following recently manufactured, Olympus DSLR cameras do NOT have in body IS: the E-300, the E-400, the E-410, the E-420, and the E-450.

Sarah Joyce
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