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Hello! I am very, very impressed with this forum and website asa whole- this is my first post, and I look forward to the response! This may be the wrong spot for this post, so I apologize in advance.

I'm a musician. I want to record all my live shows and put them on my website. So, I looked into getting a camcorder that records on SD cards. I ended up buying the iJoy mobiDV H12. The video looks great, but the audio is HORRENDOUS!! It's WAY too sensitive (the mic) and clips and distorts my audio even halfway back in the concert hall. And, I don't even play that loud!

Here's a sample clip (mpeg4): http://fusco-moore.com/videos/clipping.asf

Here's the whole "highlights from the concert" reel (wmv): http://fusco-moore.com/videos/Martin...rt11-10-05.wmv

As you can tell...just unacceptable. I'm a musician for God's sake- I need good audio!

I need to tell NewEgg.com (where I bought it) that I want to return it in a couple days, so I need some help and quickly!

Here's a list of what I truly need:
  1. Video at 30 fps at 320x240 at least. That's perfect for website video for me. [/*]
  2. Good audio at higher sound levels (or an option for external audio). Maybe some mic gain control perhaps? [/*]
  3. Good video in a concert setting (low light around the camera/audience, but stage is lit well) [/*]
  4. THE AUDIO NEEDS TO SYNC WITH THE VIDEO PROPERLY! That's also a problem with the iJoy [/*]
  5. Can be put on a tripod [/*]
  6. Records to a 1 gb SD card. [/*]
  7. Can record long clips without breaking it up [/*]
  8. Light for the camera [/*]
  9. Halfway decent digital camera- nothing too great[/*]
It doesn't really need an mp3 player- I'm just going to be using the camcorder and photo functions. It would be nice to have a rechargible battery (Li-ion), too.

I guess that's it.

Now, for the price. I got a great deal (looking back, I guess it wasn't because the thing doesn't work right) on the iJoy- $79.99 at NewEgg. But, I'm willing to spend over a hundred- up to $150 (maybe can find it on eBay for a little less) for this.

I don't think this is impossible to find. I read the great review of the Aiptek MVPR on this forum, but it didn't have much on its "in a large crowd or during a concert) audio capabilities. The audio doesn't need to be stereo or even great- just not clipping!

Thank you for all of your help in advance, and I hope to hear from you soon!!

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Any of the low-priced digicams that I'm aware of only record very short video clips, 30 seconds to a minute long. Some don't record sound at all, none are anything close to hi-fi. I'm not sure the camera you describe even exists.
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look in the hybrid forum. There are plenty of options that should meet your requirments. here is one i just read about coming soon retails at $150 http://news.designtechnica.com/article8780.html

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