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Whats the best Digital Camera at around $200(give or take $10-20)? I hear the Fujifilm Finepix F20 is probably the best but I ain't to thrilled about the special charging battery and xD card. But if its the most recommended I might get it anyway?

Anyone here recommend it? Also if it is the best, could someone tell me what the best AA battery and SD camera is in this price range? So I can decide between them.

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Beyond the Fuji F-20 which is an obvious choice that has received excellent reviews, but does not quite meet your needs due to the battery and XD chip, there is the Kodak C-875 which does use AA bateries, a SD chip, offers 8mp and 5X pof optical zoom, while selling for $130.00 to $150.00. That is a lot of value.

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All digital cameras use rechargable batteries. There are some that will use AA batteries, but if you put a set of AA alkalines in there, they've been known to burn out after a few dozen photos. That's very impractical.

So if you get an AA battery camera, you also need AA Nimh rechargable batteries and a charger.

The other thing is, the smallest cameras will always use a lithium ion rechargeable because they have more power in a smaller area. But if it's not important that the camera is pocketsized, then you can often get as good a camera, a bit larger, for less money. And you will find that many of those models use AA batteries, because it's a bit cheaper to make it that way.

If you want a camera like that, with AA batteries and SD memory, the best bet is probably the Canon A540 for about $170. With that (or the C875--another good suggestion) you also gain a few more features and controls over the F20.

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The Fuji is nice, but I agree with the memory card type. My old P&S was a Fuji with some obscure memory type that became obsolete after the card-type wars a few years ago. I couldn't find the memory card type after a couple of years.

I like the A540 also, and I'm a fan of rechargable AA batteries.

One camera I would add is the Olympus 710, as it has a built-in Image Stabilization.

As always, be sure to checkout Steve's Best for in depth reviews and sample images:

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well I have looked over all my choices and the F20 and A540(Canon) are the ones I am gonna choose from. My local Office Depot has the A540 on sale for $160 out the door(plus taxes). The F20 can be had for about the same price shipped(have to buy online).

After buying the SD and rechargables for the A540 I will be out about the same money as buying the Fuji and 1gb xD. Which would you all go with? Reliablilty is almost as important as the quality of pics. I need this to last me for 2-3 years if possible.

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