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ELDDJOC wrote:
The Canon PowerShot S2 does not have more noise than the Panasonic DMC-FZ30 - I don't know where you got that from .....??

Panasonic does not use in camera noise reduction, so while the detail is retained, noise is ....... higher than average.

Both Panasonic and Canon feature excellent 12X Zoom, and at long telezoom the Panasonic does a much better job at IS - but you just have to ignore the slightly visible noise at low ISO levels.

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Judge for yourself.....

And there has been more home made comparisments here on this website......


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:-)Hi, Just have a look at my post a few down from your post ,"which ultra zoom camera" I have put my sincere opinion for what its worth , the FZ7 has in camera noise suppression.

I dont think you will go wrong with the F Z 7 I think it's great.

Good Luck
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Big Thanks everyone for all the help...

I visited a friend who has a couple ( pro photographer ).... I got to handle some --- use some etc.. I have decided to hold off on SLR --- Just not ready for all of that just yet..

I have learned that I can get extension lens and more for my camera which will give me a lot more zoom.... And I do love the quality of pics I get on it.....

I learned a lot here --- and appreciate your input... will keep it all in mind should I, at some later date in time, decide on an slr..

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Old May 19, 2006, 1:53 PM   #24
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The P850 is $229 at Costco.com, if cost is a consideration.

Teleconverters work well. I have one for my S1 IS, and I'll probably get one for the P850 I just ordered from Costco. I'll probably buy the wide angle adapter first, though.
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Old May 19, 2006, 2:54 PM   #25
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HI rfortson.......

Cost is not the problem.. But SLR is just more than I want to do ... I just want to reach out there a little more...

I had considered the P850...... But did a lot of checking and think I will be just as happy with my DX6490 (10x ) I have now and the new lens/adapter ect... I ordered.....

I do LOVE the quality of pictures from it and always have... If I can get a bit more zoom it should work well for me....

At a later time --- if I feel I need even more -- I may jump up there... And I know where to come for help...


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I purchased the Kodak P850 at my local Walmart on Monday of this week, and promptly returned it the next day. The AF zoom was quite slow in normal indoor ambient light, daytime. In the same lighting condition, Macro mode AF was unable to lock on to the subject. I know there is a firmware download, but why bother? It also does not have an AF assist light, so I saw permanent trouble for my needs. I purchased the Canon A620 today, and find it meets my needs much better. If really had to have a 12x IS zoom, then I guess I would recommend the S2 or S3 of Canon, but $$$ might be a factor for you - it is for me.

I also live in a place where finding cameras to handle and try out is difficult, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I do a lot of Internet research, and read user reviews on Amazon, Pricegrabber, and other such sites. I find them helpful in making my decisions. I prefer to purchase locally, to support their stores, and so I can return items more easily if there is a problem. Works for me.

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