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Further to mycontacting Casio about the lens jamming in the EX-Z750 I got this reply:


A lens error could occur if an object was obstructing the lens as it was extending, or if foreign material was caught in a lens ring. Either of these could prevent the lens from extending or retracting properly. The lens error itself is the camera's response to try to prevent damage to the lens in case of obstruction.

If you would like to turn the mode dial to audio in order to prevent the lens from coming out accidentally, then it would be a good idea to do so.


Predictably, there was no information forthcoming from Casio about the likelihood of damage resulting fromthe lens error. I am not sure what he means when he says, "The lens error itself is the camera's response to try to prevent damage to the lens in case of obstruction."I presume he means that the message tells the user to turn off the camera and turn it on again. I don't know if the camera does anything else besides displaying the error messageor not. Obviousy, there is some kind ofresponse, otherwise every time the lens was blocked it would not stop openingand, if the blockage wasimmovable,the mechanismwould break. One would not think that the brains that engineered the remarkable capabilities of this little camera, would forget something as simple as some kind of arelease mechanisim to activate when the lens tries to openagainst ablockage in front of the lens. I still don't know if those cameras are more prone to lens damage when this happens than other cameras or not. In the meantime,a simple search of the phrase "lens jamming" on this forum turns upa host of messages about this problem with many other establishedmakes and models of cameras.
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