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JFW Jul 5, 2005 4:53 PM

You thinka itsa driving you crazy!:shock:

So, how is the learning/breaking in process for you and your C-7070?

No, size is not overly important. Granted, I don't carry my Nikon SLR around too much for outings with the kids because it weighs a ton, so weight and size could be an issue...

Ultimately, as I stated, I am after a bigger 'badder' camera. I was just looking for something with image quality and manual controls to keep me shooting while I iron out the "prosumer vs DSLR' question...

But, if I end up wit the C-7070, that will be the 'higher' end least for now. Now, when people start begging to buy my prints for $1000s, then, I mighrt be willing to upgrade, but I'm not one to have lots just for the sake of having lots.. granted, it'd be nice to have three or four different beasties... so I could get that F10 :blah:...

I think I'm almost there, I just need to actually hold things and check them out. I have limited access and I know that how something feels in my hands is important... not that I don't think I couldn't overcome, but it's a consideration...

I just don't have access to the C-8080, to take it for a test drive. It will be later in the month before I get back to the states and hit the stores to check things out...

Thanks.. .and welcome to my nightmare $#%#$*#%!:mad:

Steven R Jul 5, 2005 7:52 PM

Hey JFW: do you know how lucky we are to be faced with such delicious choices in todays digicams? I'm not going toadmit toyou young whippersnappers just how much I had to pay for a 2MP camera years ago.:?LOL!!

I'm so glad that the field has advanced so quickly. Anyway, I digress. A newbie can get good shapshots right out of the box with a C8080; but an experienced amateur or a pro can make it sing.Think of your grandmother driving your newCorvette; it will take her to the grocery store very well, but youcan much more out of the car. (But your grandmother would complain about the firm ride and the stiff clutch.)

However, I've gotten off the subject. My buying a8080was only a personal choice, Ienjoyed usingthe C7070, and have no problems giving it a hardy recomendation.

After all, I'm a camera junkie; I'm not going to tell youhow many 35mm & digital cameras I currently own. (I might even add the 7070 to the stable in the future.)

Make your choice, and don't look back. Todays digicams are like computers, they are constantly improving and getting cheaper at the same time. But if you keep waiting for the better, newer model, just look at the fun you miss while waiting on that perfect model.

Good luck,

Steven R

coastie Jul 5, 2005 8:45 PM

I can't speak for the other cameras, but I have used the G5 a good deal. It is the older model for sure, but if you are looking at it, there are some good features to it. The body feels solid. Rather than using plastic, it has a metal case and while I haven't dropped it, it feels sturdy. The flip LCD is a nice touch and I have flipped it around plenty of times to see the photo and use the remote to capture a group shot.It can be about as automatic or manual as you want it, with a lot of features along this line such as apeture and speed priorities. While it doesn't always focus as quickly as I'd like I have shot plenty of action shots with it. It just takes a little bit of preparation. That action has been anything from basketball shots to a rally race with cars zipping by. Continuous shooting is about 1.5 frames a second.The zoom is on the low end of what you are looking for, with only a 3x optical zoom. But I have been able to crop and enlarge most photos to caputure what I need.Batteries are proprietary, so you will need to charge them with an included charger, having AA batteries be a nice touch depending what you have access to.A nice touch is the ability to attach other proprietary lenses and filters. This can increase the zoom and give you wide angle shots. Both of those will set you back more money, however.Don't know if this helps you, but this should answer some of your questions about the G5. I do love my camera and don't plan to put it down for a while, though I am looking at adding a DSLR to my camera selection.Cheers

JFW Jul 8, 2005 5:16 AM

Hey there gang,

Thanks again for all of the wonderfulinput. Unless someone can convince me otherwise, I'm looking at C-7070 or C-8080.

Of course, this doesn't take care of my desire to have something quick and simple now... she says laughing... remember how this started??

Now, it looks like I'm going to have to wait until I get back to the states to hold the C-8080 and actually check them both outto make the final decision... turning the camera on... at the very least, would be nice... I'm just bummed because I have to wait the month. I'm anxious, and my shutter finger is getting antsy... And yesterday, we all watched a cicada emerge.. and I was struggling with what I have now to get any decent macro shots.. very frustrating to say the least... It was an awesome, teachable moment.

Anyhow, thanks again. Yes,in general, I have to remember just how fortunate I am when I realize that this is the toughest decision I face this week. And yes, I seem to recall that when I bought my Oly C-3000, 4 yrs ago,the decision was much easier.. the C-4040 (?)was $200 bucks more.. so I lived without the 1.7 f-stop...

Thanks again...j :bye:

flashbug Jul 23, 2005 1:49 AM

The Olympus support is slow and VERY BAD! They ran me in circles and kept me on hold for hours only to email me that they can not help after they said that they would... I am returning the c8080 which does take fine and VERY sharp photos ONLY under perfect conditions.... If you would like to do landscape photography and would like to feel like you are using a med-format camera this is the camera for you! It is a PAIN to use and I did learn most of its tricks by now having spend more hours. :-)

I was going to leave the G6 behind, but just placed my order on DELL and hope that they don't jerk me around as they could.... Anyway, the G6 is not built as well, it does not have the fine resolution of the C8080, but it leaves it in the dust in the usability dept. and even with the menues it is faster to take photos, does MUCH BETTER in low light and I compared it side by side so I know what I am talking about. It just is a much more universal and more plaseant to use camera. I only wish that Canon did not desight it so stupidly that the lens in unprotected. I will just have to be careful, but the images are SO GRAIN FREE up to 400 that you would think they were done with a D300!

My 2 cents worth... Hope this helps.

flashbug Jul 23, 2005 1:51 AM

One more thing... it is late and I forgot to mention - the price on Dell with coupons is $420 Shipped and after the bad NY tax added!!! That tips the scales for me. Now I just hope it comes in 100% and soon.

speaklightly Jul 23, 2005 1:33 PM

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Isn't there an issue here that has not been mentioned much. Whenever, a fixed lens digital camera is at or near the $(US) 500 mark, it might indeed be logical to explore the inexpensive dSLR cameras as well. Why might you ask?

Because a dSLR will open up photo qualities, ISO capabilites, ease of use, and flexibilities issues that are, quite honestly, just not available on fixed lens digital cameras. Take a look at the Pentax 1stDS for example. The camera body and kit lens combo sells for around $(US) 700. You now have a digital camera with the flexibility of interchangeable lenses, a digital camera that is very easy to use, has an award winning viewfinder and a great grip that is very easy to use. It can use ISO settings up to 3200 with very little noise, and the lens quality and photo output quality exceeds that found on mostfixed lens digital cameras.

Here is a sample photo taken from over 100 feet away without any flash with an inexpensive Sigma lens, in this case, the 28-300mm lens that gives you roughly 11X optical zoom on the Pentax 1stDS and costs around $(US) 200. It might be worth thinking about especially if you are going to, at sometime in the future, going to purchase a dSLR anyway.

Sarah Joyce

JFW Jul 23, 2005 11:08 PM

Ms Joyce, I agree with your argument.. If I'm gonna fork out $500 for a fixed lens why not go ahead and purchase theDSLR now. That is one of my dilemmas...

This all started with a question of a decent cheap camera to buy now while I am waiting for the 'bigger' decision to come.

And then the creap started.. which I alsomentioned was a 'problem' with making the decision.

Well, yesterday, I was at the store and both the G5 and the Oly C-770 were selling for ~US$230, so I picked up the Oly (opted for zoom). I hope to be able to pull it out the box by next Wed... I'm really busy right now...

Anyhow... I am considering jumping right up into DSLR - and I might just do that given the nudges I am receiving on the home front as well... I hope to be somewhere where I can actually touch the 'beasties' next week.

Thanks for the input. I am truly enjoying the discussion (and neat pic)- lots of great information to consider -and a nice break from the work I'm doing (moving)... But, alas, the house calls again.. I must return to the business at hand.

I hope to check back in a few days. later, j:bye:

Justinian Jul 26, 2005 9:36 PM


Yes, hurry back y'all cuz this thread has been loads of fun :Dand I hate to see it end....:sad: Let us know how you like your Oly.

speaklightly Jul 27, 2005 8:59 PM

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Well, I will give it a real try.

When you consider that the Olympus C-5500 is selling for LESS than $200 (US). It is an amazing deal, giving you 5mp, 5X optical zoom, and great photo quality. The Olympus offers a combination that is truly hard to beat.

Sarah Joyce

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