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JFW Aug 3, 2005 12:33 AM

Hey gang,

I needed a break from life, so it's back to camera stuff. Much more fun than stressing over a house full of boxes and wondering whether or not I will make it back to the states... oh, and we have a typhoon (that'd be a hurricane for most of the rest of you) coming in...

Update on the Oly C-770... I went back to the store a few days later and found the beast was on clearance, so I got an extra $50 back, which was the cost of a 256 memory cardwith $5 left over for lunch. I was not unhappy :-D. Oh, and I got a free USB card reader, to boot . (US$230 total)

Incidentally, since I did so well on the 770, I am looking at making the C-5500 my next purchase.. for the speed necessary with the kids...well, something got deleted here but for the life of me I ain't got the faintest clue what it was, and I'm too tired to try to guess.. neeeext... however, when I hit the paste button, to see ifit was hiding there, Igot an interesting message "you cancall me at...." I felt like Iwas in atelephone booth. I don't remember evertyping that.. and I certainly don't live in Arizona(?) (608 )... I guess I could call collect from Japan and see who answers... anyhow, I digress...

On the C-770: I am getting used to the size and handling, which I suspected I would. I was ready to throw it back after the first evening..:x no, I hadn't and still haven't read the book. I want to, just been a bit busy. Fortunately, when I returned to the store to pick up the G-5 for the same price (I didn't want to miss the sale) there were two people familiar with theOly and after about 15 min of consoling and comforting.. argggh!, they managed to calm me down and convnce me to keep the camera.. It boggled my mind how this camera is not really designed to be used 'out of the box'. Or maybe this lens is a whole lot slower than what I'm used to...I don't recall such 'issues' with my other Olys. (please disregard my ramblings, unless you feel so inclined to enlighten the gneral public on my 'issues')

The first thing I need to find is the 'auto reset' button and disable it - no, not with a hammer....:mad: I've seen it, I just haven't figured out how to get to it... yet... I know, I know... READ THE BOOK!. Maybe after a much needed 6 hr nap...

So, where can I find a C-5500 for under $200 otd? (reputable dealers please. I live overseas and it is a pain in theposterior regions to return and deal with nastiness.. I've had my share of 'industry standards', thank you)

That's it for now.As usual, any and all input is welcome...


PS..You guys are a bad influence on me. All I wanted was one, simple, little camera.. Now, I'm looking at three.. argggh! But, lest you think I'm not enjoying this...:D:D ok, so number three might have to wait.. We'll see what happens with number two.

JFW Aug 3, 2005 6:12 PM

Update: I found the auto reset button last night (active and everything)... now I just have to remember to check my settings.. It's nice to have a choice of what I can display at the first menu level (sorry for terminology faux pas). That will make 'manipulation' a whole lot easier... now, I just need to play with the camera some more and see which settings are more important than others - to me. I was enjoying playing with the white balance last night... I liked the different effects the changes created and see some really cool potential. I guess this discussion best belongs in another forum.... so, I'll stop and pick it up somewhere else at another time... I just wanted tolet you know.. ttfn

oh, about the 'much needed 6 hr nap".. I was kidding, or so I thought. The kids and I only slept for 3-4 hrs..and were all rudely awakened by Daddy. I thought he was pulling my leg when he said it was 7pm.'


Steven R Aug 3, 2005 6:22 PM

Hey JFW: reading your posts are a hoot! I can't help but chuckle and laugh at some of your lines. Anyway, glad you found out how to cut off the "all reset" feature. Get used to the C770, you will grow to like it a lot. And then get a C-5500, it's a great value for the money!

JFW Aug 3, 2005 6:46 PM


Thanks ever so much for the compliment, but be careful not to encourage me too much.....:-)

Thanks alsofor your input on camera selection. If I ever make it back to the states (Space-A is an adventure), I'll get to check out the C-8080 firsthand.. But, I must admit with prices on DSLR kits coming down, that is looking rather tempting, too...



Steven R Aug 3, 2005 8:38 PM

Hey JFW: I'll share a little secret. As the current owner offour 35mmbodies, plus lenses, I always thought I would get into digital SLRs. But I reallygot started in digitalbecause I travel constantly, andwanted a small, light camera that I could throw in my briefcase, and use on my business trips, without worry about banging up the expensive 35mm equipment.

Wellnow I own and use 4 digicams, andhaveplanned to eventually get adSLR. However, the last camera I added to my collection was an Oly C8080.I have to tell you that my desire for that dSLRdropped greatly the moreI used the 8080.

(It's an open secret among Olympus employees that the C8080 has eaten into the sales of the E-300).Admitedly, most of my shots are landscapes and macros; if I were shooting sports, or flying birds, etc, I might feel the need for a dSLR shooting at 1600 ISO.

Anyway, if you do get an 8080, don't be surprised if it eventually becomes your favorite camera. (It does however, have a rather long learning curve to get the most out of it.)

JFW Aug 4, 2005 12:18 AM

Hey there Steven R,

Funny you should mention your little 'secret'. I admit that I first bought a digital for downloadable snapshots of my children... to get my family off my back. Digital was much easier than printing umpteen million copies of my darlings and then mailing them around the globe.... call me lazy... and cheap.

However, there was an added bonusin whichI was interested. I was looking forward to relearning how to see and how to 'shoot', and I saw digital as an awesome way to pratice photography wiothout eating up loads of film. Let's face it, out a roll of 24... what is the stat... if we're lucky there are three shotsworth keeping... so, I figured I could practice all I wanted and relearn the neat f-stop, exposure, dof deails that I used to just manage to guess rather easily... and it wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg in film and processing...

I wouldn't purchase a camera for "landscapes".. as I have yet to feel like I am able -beyond chance -to get a decent shot of one. I see the benefit of wide angle as it opens up (pun intended) many more opportunities.... I do prefer a fast lens. I know, who doesn't? But since I prefer natural lighting it does give me a wider playng field...

So, I've got some thinking to do. I had hoped to be able to work in 35mm film again...(I'd love to do med of the smaller cameras would be cool(4x5?)but then, I'd also like to own a $10,000 flute that plays itself as long as I can breathe and move my fingers, butit doesn't look like that's happening anytime soon, either...anyhow...) Digital, as good as it is getting, just ain't film... call me old-fashioned.. or as I have recently started to phrase it.. stuck in The Darkroom Ages.. But, I must admit, I am beginning to get to the point where I am wanting to do more with the digital. Maybe learning to play with it will help me with my hopelessly mundane attachment to plastic...

AND my kids are still young and it's not like I have lots of time to devote to being along and taking pictures of stuff... Sometimes, just regular day-to-day thinking and any concentrationis a tall order to fill... so, I have some time to ponder...

Sorry for the choppiness. I have been in and out of the room for a few hours now, and well, that's how it's gonna be this time. (I'll come back and edit later)I have to get. I have a child desiring my playtime... and he's gonna get it...



drj99 Aug 4, 2005 12:53 AM

What about the difference between the 2/3" ccd on the C-8080 and the 1/1.18" ccd on the C-7070 and C-5500? Does it make a difference? Is the difference worth the difference?

Where is that Easy Button?


JFW Aug 4, 2005 8:21 AM


Hey there.. Regarding your first question, I wanna say yes, but I don't have enough technical expertise to approach that question.. I know I have read lots about it through different threads, though.. My suggestion would be to do an internalsearch on CCDs... good luck.. That's as far as I'm willing to take it. Now, if somewonderfully, technologically ****** individual wishes to chime in then more power to all of us... cause I'll read it and soak in more, too....

Regarding the second question.. "Where is that easy button?" Well, first, there weren't nothin' easy about it...Just kidding.Truthfully, I stumbled across it playing with my camera in bed last night. Too tired to be up, but wanted to try to learn something.. So I took pictures of my ceiling...

Well, I'll have to get back with you on that. no, wait... I'll look now.. .brb

now sit and whistle for a few minutes so you get the feel that time has truly passed...

ok, I'm back... with my little wheel/dial do-jiggyset at A/S/M, I pressed the menu botton (wow, a true technical term)..I selected Mode Menuthen"scrolled" down to set (which is what my 'Setup' reads)pressed the right arrow keyand up at the top was an active All Reset option. I then eagerly selected 'no'...and then went about my business.. I'm hoping that does the job...

I hope that helps... Have a groovy day.


JFW Aug 20, 2005 9:35 PM

Howdy ya'll! from sunny southern California... finally.

Well, I got here. The trip getting here was a trip in and of itself, and a story for an entirely different 'web-site' - a Candid Camera meets The Twilight Zone type of story.. or maybe Candid Camera in The Twilight Zone... anyhow....

I started looking around... I went to a 'pro' camera store.. and they tell me the C-8080 is discontinued (at Sammy's in LA. - which was a pleasure to shop in). Will the ironies in my life never cease? :crazy: Sure I can order it online (or can I???), but I would really like to hold the beast first... in order to determine if it is, indeed, the way to go...

I'm gonna try to scoot around San Diego and see if I can't scare one up... anybody in this area happen to know where to find one? or LA? or any parts in between?? We ain't been to Fry's yet... and I admit, camera store hopping hasn't been the only priority.. well, it's been one for me, but I ain't the only person deciding on how to spend our time...

The C-770 and I are becoming acquianted. If I could download what I have, I'd try to show a couple of shots...(the wrong software came in the package...maybe I can download the right stuff from the website) I was playing with the super-macro today... was really cool.. gotta be careful though, about whacked the lens with a fossil filled rock... gets pretty stinkin' close...

I like what I have been doing thus far (I mean the camera buttons, menus, and all...) If I could change anything, it would be the 6-7 sec start up time. That is a killer in spontaneous situations. Other than that I can't say I have any complaints. It seems to write pretty quickly - for what I do (thus far)... so time between shots isn't too terribly long. I haven't felt like I missed anything due to a slow focus speed or anything like that, but I haven't exactly tried to stress the camera or anything... and I still have yet to download anything and check it out on the compooter.

Well, that's the update, thus far...

more soon,


JFW Aug 20, 2005 9:54 PM

P.S. I read the C-770 manual...:D It discusses where to find certain menu items, but does not delve into the deeper meaning or use of said items... for example... I may know how to find the light histogram thingy, but I still don't know nothin' of what it is or what to do with it.... the 'deeper' explanations are in another manual on the CD-Rom (of which, to the book's credit, it informs me)..
later again, j:bye:

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