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So, i've been presuaded to start small. I was initally going to start with a SLR. Invest into photography and try and learn everything off the bat. I've been suggested to start smaller and work my way up! sounds good! but now?? what do I buy?!??

I have a budget of around 800 dollars. I want to take good quality pictures. I ws thinking the higher the pixels the better.. but thats not the case..bUT.. WHATS ENOUGH!??..

I also want to be ble to take decent video. Nothing professional. Mainly just capturing the moments. Short clips mainly.

I was looking into these three.. ut you tell me..

The Sanyo Hd1a (Its got a 5MP camera but it slo says something about a 10mp thing, I dont understand, can someone explain??):?

The SOny h5.. looks nice, big zoom.. hows the video quality?

the Canon S3SI .. comparable to the Sony H5.. hows the video? is 6MP good enough??

HELP ME OUT GUYS!!or girls.
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I believe the S3 IS has the best video quality of the digicam superzooms, so that might be the one to look at first.

If you want to put more of an emphasis on the video though, the Sanyo might be a good choice. As Steve points out in his review though, you could just as easily get a mini DV camcorder and a camera for the same price.

You could get a Panasonic GS300 or Canon ZR400 and still have enough left for a good quality 6MP point and shoot.


Or, you could spend less on the camcorder, get a GS39, and maybe even have enough left for an entry level DSLR and kit lens:


or for just a bit more:

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