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LarryC Sep 16, 2006 3:57 PM

Friends: I am a historian looking for a camera to take with me to the archives. My main use will be to photograph old photos, also written documents. I want something fairly compact to make sure I have it with me. I already have bulky big zoom camera (a Canon S1 IS) for my outdoor photography.

Which specific model should I get for copying old photographs? I have seen camera (can't recall which right now) that advertise a special mode for this purpose, with automatic sharpening and color correction. Useful or a gimmick? I also like to be able to take pictures in low light.

One specific model I am looking at is the Fuji F30.

Thanks for the advice!

LarryC Sep 16, 2006 4:08 PM

Here is the camera that advertises as having a special mode for copying photos: Casio Exilim EX-S600. According to the Amazon description: "[/b]The BEST SHOT menu includes the new Revive Shot, created specifically for taking digital pictures of old album photos. Revive Shot adjusts for obliquity as well as brightly refreshes faded colors."

This is attractive to me. I don't have and don't want to learn Photoshop, though if I could get the same "Revive Shot" effects with Picassa, I would do that.

superakuma Sep 16, 2006 9:22 PM

Is it a photo that you can scan? If so a $100 scanner will get you a better result then any camera out there.

If it is something that you have to take a picture of, is it mostly in low light? If so then the Fuji F30 would be a good camera because it is able to shoot at higher ISO and still be clean. A higher ISO comes in real handly if you cant take a tripod with you.

Those pre-adjusted mode on camera is a gimic. If you understand how a camera works you will understand this. The pre-adjust mode or Best Shot is just another way of saying automatic.

I bought that Casio S600 and returned it the next day because it was soo bad. Yes it does have those 33 different mode but I never brother using them. The reason why returned it was because the picture was very poor quality and very grainy. Also it was very slow to focus except in bright sunlight outside. So if you are taking pictures indoors it will be slow. I ended up with the Panasonic FX01. Great camera nice 28mm lense. Very sharp, quick and image stablization. I admit it has problems shooting in low light without flash too but not as bad as the Casio.

LarryC Sep 16, 2006 9:55 PM

Historical archives will rarely let you scan their images, and even if they do the setup of a laptop and scanner is more than I want to bother with. I hadn't thought of a tripod, but can see the utility.

Thanks for your feedback on the Casio, I will cross it off my list.

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