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robbo wrote:
However, unless Misty's toddler is super fast, a big zoom is probably not necessary.

LOL, no she's not quite that fast!

Really, I don't need an ultra-zoom. It just seemed like it would make the camera more versatile for future uses.

BUT, I certainly don't want to sacrifice image quality for it, so if another camera would do a better job of indoor and outdoor candids and portraits, then I would definitely want to go with that.

Do you think the Olympus 5060 or 7070 would do a better job of that?

Thanks for all of the helpful food for thought, guys!
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I rarely get bad pictures of my grandkids with my FZ10. I put it in continuous focus mode and hold the pre-focus until I see the shot I want. With pre-focus the shutter response is almost immediate. I don't have nearly as good results with my Oly C50 without continuous focus. When the target moves you have to release the pre-focus and reestablish it. With a random motion rugrat you eventually give up on the pre-focus and just hope for the best. It isn't that they are fast – they just exhibit almost random movement and don't seem to stop in one pose very long. Pre-focus really helps capture that perfect moment with a quick response. Toddlers tend to stop for short periods to examine things. If you are pre-focused you can get the shot even indoors with stabilization.

robbo Have you looked at the F-10 you seem so hot on? Do you really expect someone to be able to get good shots of a perpetual motion toddler without a viewfinder other than the LCD? If you have some toddlers available try shooting them with your LCD – it is hard enough with a viewfinder. If you read Phil Askey's review of the Panasonic FX7 you will see that he thinks the stabilization just about makes up for the unstable hold without a viewfinder. So the shot you could take at ISO 1600 on a LCD only camera you could probably get at ISO 400 with a normal viewfinder and solid stable hold. And you could get the shot at ISO 100 with stabilization if subject motion weren't a factor. And the extremely slow f5 at a portrait range of 108 mm (eq) would again require higher ISO under the same circumstances. And that is a puny maximum zoom.

Most people had hoped that the release of the excellent 5100 was a signal Fuji was finally going away from their underperforming Super CCD. They got rid of the crazy upsample and low quality at native resolution, so it might not be too bad. But Fuji doesn't have a good enough track record to take their word without seeing a good review IMO. They are claiming the higher ISO is possible because of processing. That sort of processing has side effects if it works, so a review is especially necessary if you are counting on that feature.

And you have to buy a dead-end and overpriced xD card that will never be used in anything but Fuji and Oly equipment. I still grumble over having to get a dead-end card for my Oly. It wasn't obvious three years ago when I bought it that SD would be the universal small memory. Fuji would have to offer something other than an entry level point and shoot with no viewfinder to get me to buy another camera with a limited use memory. It is nice to be able to put the memory card from my FZ into my Palm Tungsten and sort through the pictures.

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Gosh, I guess we will have to wait for the reviews to see what the F-10 can do.

No, I haven't handled an F-10. I am in Taiwan, and the shops here don't have them yet. I have been reading mini-reviews by some of the new buyers over on www.dpreview.com on the Fuji Forum.They seem mostly favorable, though some have expressed disappointment.

I imagine Steve will have his review out in the next couple months. Then we will have a better idea of its strengths.

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Well guys, I do hope to pick up the F10 today so will keep you posted on quality.

Getting back to the start of this topic, "best camera possible" + "Image quality" well with those words and the prices of entry level DSLR coming down I would still recommend the Canon Rebel, it was the best buy I have ever done.

And just like you I'm100% novice when it comes to taking pictures, but still I want the best photo possible, no second chances with your toddler, she will only getbigger not smaller.

Next on the size of the zoom, well from one of my staff that did photography professionally for over 5 years, he said you can never be close enough. Meaning you should always be trying to get that shot as close as possible, now with the toddler yes she might not go that far just now, but soon will be running around (if not already) and the standard zoom will just not cut it. (Especially at parks and outdoors)

When I bought the rebel I also bought aCanon image stabilizer lens 70-300mm, that was a great buy, if not better than the camera itself. I mean when we go to the park I put on the big zoom and just about no matter where they run to I can get good close up shots, plus the fact with a bigger zoom you get much better blur around the subject. The photos look really cool.

As for not being ready for a SLR, why spend $600 on a camera with limited options. I'm sure if you are like me once you buy the SLR you will never look back. I love trying to use the slow shutter for sunsets, evening shots, they are cool photos and on my last two Sony DSC-S70 and DSC-T1 you could never do this. Last christmas I took my camera along with a tripod and viewing xmas lights on all the houses was able to get some really cool natural light shots. (My DSC-70 I used for 3 years and took over 4000 photos, my rebel I've had just on a year and takenjust on6000 photos)

I really want to upgrade to the newer rebel as it seems to have even more options to have fun with.

The price difference between $600 and more expensive DSLR over a few years is peanuts.

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