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glsammy Oct 5, 2005 5:32 AM

My main photography interest is small wildlife, i.e birds, butterflies etc. My current camera, Canon S1IS is fine for the slow moving butterflies, but hopeless for birds. Not enough resolution, high noise levels, SLOWWW or no auto focus, you name it and this camera suffers from it. Don't get me wrong, for many other subjects the camera is fine, it's just not up to fast moving or small objects from a distance.

I'm torn between the new Fuji S9500, or Canon 350d. So far as I see it from what I've read so far, the Fuji should improve the resolution, i.e larger cropping capability with lower noise levels, BUT is sounds like its not the best design for ease of use.

The Canon will obviously give me the best possible image quality, but I'm not so sure about having to change lenses, the possibility of having to get the thing cleaned, at no doubt exorbitant cost, and I do like the Video function....on the S1IS...

Has anyone else used their camera for this type of use and can recommend it?

killdeer0007 Oct 5, 2005 8:23 AM

If you want to take pictures of birds you need a fast focusing camera and lens setup.After following the wildlife forum I found that many of the photographerswere using the dslr cameras and had a selection of lenses. I ended up buying a Rebel XT and a couple of good Canon L lenses. My main lens for bird photography is the Canon 300 F4 prime with a 1.4 extender. It's not as long as I wouldlike but it is affordable, relatively light and is very sharp.Shooting in RAW is another advantage of the Rebel.

As for cost, it might be a bit expensive but you will have a camera that will do what you want.

I am very pleased with my decision and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the package I'm using. Here is a sample of an American Goldfinch I took a few weeks ago.


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