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Merry Christmas to all.

We purchased our 15 year old daughter a Coolpix S9 and we are very unhappy with all aspects of the camera. We chose Nikon because we own a Nikon D50 and are very happy with it, so we thought we would stick with Nikon.

The S9 takes very noisey and grainy pictures. The battery does not last at all, max of 30 pics at standard pixels. It has a blurr notification which pretty much comes on after every picture, tried to have other people take the photo to see if it was just me, but does it with most everyone.

It is without doubt the slowest camera I have ever seen at any pixel but extremly slow at higher a pixel setting.

We are going to return this camera and purchase a new one, would like some suggested recommendations.

We paid about $250 for the coolpix.

Thanks all
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Merry Christmas zacm,

I hope you weren't expecting similar performance between your D50 and an ultracompact P&S, because if you were, you're going to continue to be disappointed. If a compact size is acceptable (as opposed to an ultracompact). The Fuji F30 has gotten a lot of good reviews, especially in low light situations. Its ISO 800 performance is probably better than the S9's ISO 200 performance. It has a pretty fast shot to shot time, pre-focus lag is very fast, and flash recycle time is very good. Take your daughter to the camera store and let her see it before you buy...it probably won't win too many rewards for style...just takes good pictures.

Good luck.

the Hun

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Thanks for the advice.

I really love my D50 and it has been very reliable. I thought if I went with a Nikon Compact I could not go wrong as far as performance. I guess I was wrong.

I will take your advice and bring her to the store with me and look at the Fuji F30

Thanks again
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