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Originally Posted by Gozinta
Take a look at the C-LUX 1
That's just a rebadge of the Panasonic FX-01 I mentioned in my previous post, with minor cosmetic differences. Comparing the pics it seems to be exactly the same size.
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i too am interested in ultracompacts... i just bought a sony dsc-w30, and the size is OK, but once it's in a case (i bought a lowepro pouch with it), it is far too bulky for pockets. i am thinking of returning it, but don't know what to get instead.

so i guess i have additional questions: are these thinner cameras (mentioned by others) going to be just as bulky in a case? or, should i just keep the w30 and try to find a pouch that is more snug-- or does that defeat the purpose? or, what models are generally sturdy enough to survive being in a pocket, unprotected?

thanks for any input... i am a total newbie!

[edited to add: i was also looking at the canon sd30, which isn't particularly flat/thin, but it is narrow, which makes it more pocketable, for me at least. however, inside a pouch, i'm sure it'd be bulky too... i don't know how durable this one would be without a bag, either, and i'm concerned about the cracked LCD reports]
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with thin cameras, you can always get very thin bags, more like "sleeves," that add only a tiny amount of extra thickness, like:

( http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00065L5TY )

you can usually find these products easily by surfing amazon (either by running a search, looking on the product page for listed accessories, or reading customer reviews).

and always remember this axiom:
"Google is your friend"

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