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Digicamguy Apr 17, 2005 5:50 AM

I have never had a digicam and I am going to buy my first ever! After years of saving and waiting for the right camera, I narrowed it down to several

Pentax optio 750z, Sony DSC-V3, Sony DSC P200, Fuji FinePix S7000, Nikon 7900, and the Canon SD500 . I just found out that ALL Sony digicams have false:sad:640x480 movie mode (its actually 320x240 interpolated!:evil:).

So finally chose the Konica Minolta Dimage A200! Heres why;

8MP, 7x optical (28mm-200mm) or is it 35mm -200mm?, conversion lenses, full VGA @30fps, D-SLR like, Manual controls, Anti-shake system, CF 1&2 cards & microdrives, ISO 200 & 400 is good, and has 800x600 (15fps) 640x480 & 320x240 (30 & 15fps) movie mode with sound and CAN ZOOM TOO!, The data rate is only 1.5MB/s for a 30fps VGA movie (I checked this from a review movie).

Heres what the DCresource review said,

[*]Very good photo quality [/*][*]7X optical zoom lens with image stabilization [/*][*]Full manual controls [/*][*]Good performance [/*][*]Flip-out, rotating LCD display [/*][*]Manual zoom and focus rings [/*][*]LCD/EVF usable in low light [/*][*]No redeye [/*][*]Can save five sets of camera settings to mode dial [/*][*]Supports external flash and conversion lenses/filters [/*]
RAW image format supported

[align=left]What I didn't care for: [/align]
  • Images slightly soft at default settings; high ISO performance is not good; some barrel distortion [/*]
  • Macro mode isn't great for ultra close-ups [/*]
  • I miss the nice EVF from the A2 [/*]
  • No memory card included [/*]
  • Tough competition from digital SLRs
Here are other reviews of this cam;

This can be bought for $562 brand new with all accesories from

I can also get a 4GB (7MB/s) Hitachi microdrive (does this drain batteries more than aCF card?) for $170, or a 1GB Lexar 80x (12MB/s) card for $104. Which card should I buy?

Correct me if I'm wrong, THIS IS THE BEST ALL ROUND DIGICAM RIGHT? THIS HAS EVERYTHING I WANT. Maybe lacking in certain depratments, but still the best all rounder.Also, I'm thinking of getting conversion lenses for this. Heres an ebay auction (search for "7508774361") that sells a 2x telephoto and 0.5 wideangle lense kit for $70; =7508774361

what do you think? Is this a real lense or cheap stuff? will it work?

Please help me out. Can you recomend a better camera. The DiMAGE A200's price hit my budget limit (~$500), so it has to be around the ~$400-600 range from Should I buy the Konica Minolta DiMAGE A200?:?

I heard focus was a problem with the DiMAGE A200?


gjb Apr 17, 2005 10:03 AM

Digicamguy said: I just found out that ALL Sony digicams have false:sad:640x480 movie mode (its actually 320x240 interpolated!:evil:).

I have read a number of Sony reviews and can't find where the reviewer said this. Please tell us what review or how you found this to be true.

Thanks, Gary

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