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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for the most suitable digicam for my mom in law, below are some of the criterias:

- Must have have good 640x480 video capture quality with sound as well as playback

- Use AA batteries, no rechargeable batteries.

- The bigger the LCD, the better.

- Must be easy to use.

Since we are talking about entry level and easy to use, I'm leaning towards Kodak C533 or Canon A430. I personally feel Kodak is the most user friendly digicam although for image quality, I prefer Canon. What do you guys think ?


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I vote Kodak. My wife has one, and both my sisters have them (various models). Get the dock (printer dock if you really want fancy) and she'll be set.

I agree that the Canon may take slightly better picture, but the Kodak pictures really look bright/sharp coming out of the camera. The three women in my life really like them and find them easy to use.

When I had a Canon S400, my wife tried taking pictures with it, but never felt comfortable with using it (I really liked it, BTW). When she got the V530, she picked it right up and felt fine using it. Something about the Kodaks elicits that response.

BTW, I hear you about the AA batteries, but the LiIon batteries in the smaller Kodaks can be found really cheap on eBay (well under $20), so I wouldn't dismiss that option completely. The V-family of Kodak cameras are nice and small, and well built, but they use the LiIon batteries. One of my sisters got a C-series Kodak, and while it takes AA's and it shoots nice pictures, it doesn't seem as well made (lots of plastic). It also died right out of the box and is currently out for warranty repair. I know this can happen to any camera, but this has clouded my judgement of the C-series cameras. Check out the refurbished V-series on Kodak's website. That's where I bought my wife's camera.

Good luck!

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Thanks, rfortson. Wife has a low end Kodak C33 or something, small and very easy to use but it has no video playback.
Regarding the AA battery preference, her mom likes to travel overseas so carrying extra charger is a bit of hassle for her. But, we'll see. I like the Kodak V570 (the one with wide angle lens) but it would be for myself in the future
Video playback is very important for her, so I try to find a big LCD but as we know bigger LCD consumes more power so most cameras with bigger LCD require rechargeable batteries.
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The Vseries Kodaks come with Schneider- Krueznacht lens ( I hope I spelled that right) which is much better that what comes standard on the Cseries cameras. The Z and I believe P also come with the better lens. I had my mom buy a Kodak camera first. She loves her camera, and its not bad at all. I find the look of vivid colors (when the colors aren't vivid) to be a little annoying, but nobody really notices unless I point it out. I'm picky on it being true to what I was shooting.
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