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I will be buying my 20 year old daughter a good digital P&S camera for Xmas. Just wondering what is the best value for less than $350? I would prefer to buy a digital that takes compact flash, so she use my compact flash cards.

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What size? Would she be happy with a larger SLR-like camera (perhaps an ultra-zoom) or would she want something small that she can carry everywhere?

Here are some cameras I like (I haven't checked the prices but I think these are under $350):

ultra-compact: Sony W1
compact: Canon A85
SLR-like: Panasonic FZ3 (might be more than $350)

Since she doesn't sound like an amateur photographer, I would go with an ultra-compact like the Sony W1...
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The Sony W1 is NOT super-compact (although it IS a very nice camera, and for $350 too). The Sony P100, the Casio EX-Z40, the Minolta X50, and the Canon SD200 are about $350-400. Those are TINY. The Casios are very easy to use but take kinda grainy pictures. The Canons are kinda pricy but do take great pictures, and great video too. The Sonys are somewhere in between - good pictures, great movies, not too expensive, and very fast.

Medium-sized... The aforementioned W1, the Nikon 4100, the Canon A95, and the Fuji E510 are all about $300-350. The best one in that price range, though, I'd say is the Olympus C60, which has a sharp lens and 6MP.

If you want big zoom... The FZ3 is supposed to be around $400 but you can find it for $350 if you look hard (again, check out my site). The Fuji S3100 and S5000 are $300, the Canon S1 IS is about $400. I'd say, go with one of those. The Panasonic has an AWESOME lens but is not quite as easy to use as the Fujis. The Canon is more compact, but a tad more expensive. And the Fujis are super easy to use but don't have image stabilization, which you want with a big-zoom camera.
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