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IQRaceworks Jan 12, 2015 9:23 AM

Best lens bundle for Canon T5i?
I’ve been doing as much research as I could over the last several weeks….and after narrowing it down to a Canon SL1 or T5i for my first DSLR, I’ve decided on the T5i….just because I have a “Vari-Angle” LCD screen on my older Canon Powershot point and shoot camera, and I use it all the time.

So now I’m trying to find the best deal on the T5i’s….I’m assuming that I should do one of the bundle lens kits instead of just the body…..they are not much more than just the body, and I think the extra lenses will be work the slight increase in cost. I’m also going to order a “nifty-fifty” 50mm-1.8 lenses for it, and then a good telephoto lens for it, if the bundle lenses don’t get the job done.

What bundle package is the best deal as far as the quality of the lenses that it comes with?

Any tips or suggestions would be great!


pcake Jan 12, 2015 10:31 AM

when checking out bundles that include longer zooms, make sure that they are the STM versions of the lenses, which are sharper and focus faster. many cheaper bundles come with the older, non-STM versions.

the 50 1.8 is a great low cost fast lens, and you really can't beat it for the price. i did some of my favorite low light pics with it.

TCav Jan 12, 2015 11:31 AM

For T5i bundles, I can only find the 18-55 IS vs. the 18-55 IS STM vs. the 18-135 IS STM.

For the extra ~$200, the 18-135 isn't a bad deal, but the 18-55 (non-STM) is (barely) the best of the lot. If you won't be doing any videoing then the STM doesn't buy you anything. Also if you don't need the extra reach, save the ~$200 and get the 18-55. But if you need more than the reach the 18-135 will give you, you'd be better off with the 55-250 (STM or not.)

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