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I am working on a 1500 dollar total budget trying to graduate up from my trusty Sony 717 into higher end portrait and wedding work for friends and family weddings and referral portrait work. Being on disability income limits my available cash for start up and I'm looking for the best lens for just portrait and wedding work to get started. I have decided on the Canon 20D based on narrowing down the camera field to my needs and its functions. I'm looking for and used to sharp image quality and having struggled through all the tech reports on depth of field and apertures etc am becoming even more confused on what to pick for that best all around lens. I hate to spend the money to upgrade a camera for the many manual options, nine point focus, increased ISO. it offers and find I have softer images than I had with my Sony. I also don't want the hassleand risk of dust changing lens during an event so need the best all around lens for group and portrait shots and with the knowledge that at least some of the wedding work will beindoors, in church lighting and homes. I am not a tech specialist for sure and have managed my photos through composition and software correction. I need to make the purchase in the next week or so and will anxiously watch this thread for any help that can be offered with a grateful heart. Ken:?
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Well, I would probably go with :


Fuji S3 Pro $1100
Tamron 17-50 f2.8 (Nikon mount) $430

Prices @ Beach camera.

With the 20D though, you could go with the same lens (but Canon mount), or you could instead choose this option:

It's a bit more, but may be well worth it for the IS.
20D $940
17-55 IS $980

And you're "only" about $400 over budget.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I was excited at first to see the specs on the Fuji Pro but after checking the sample pix and reading through Steves conclusions, felt it just didnt produce what I was after in several ways. The Tamron lens though probably helped me even more in narrowing down the field. I hadnt seen that lens, only the sigmas and cannons and actually liked the reviews on this one as long as it can perform as well on the canon. I feel this has moved it to number on on my lens must have list and saves me a lot of cash to get started.

I would love to have a 10-12 MP camera since I also anticipate large framed print creations on some other projects I have involving old west and ranch scenes. For now I have to put that on hold and can get started making enough money to graduate up. Ive used a borrowed Canon 5D formy sons weddingand realized the potential though found it produced no clearer image than the 20D or in some cases my trusted sony though did have RAw capability to make corrections which my own camera doesnt. Also, though I will use an ad on flash, I prefer one that has a built in for times when Im recreational and just need some fill that most incamera flashes can provide readily.

sadly yourve stirred the beast again and I will double check the list of cameras again to see if ive missed something even more suitable in my price range. Thanks again Ken
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For weddings (the ceremony part at least) i would go for a longer lens. Something like a 17-50 f/2.8 would make it hard to stay out of the way.

The last three weddings i've shot i rented a Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS lens for $35/day.

Just yesterday I picked up a Tokina 28-70mm f/2.8 lens and its awesome. Not is it very affordable at roughly $300, the large aperture is great for low light settings like the reception

Until now i've only owned the kit lens and the 75-300 USM III lens and both are pretty much going to either be sold or put into moth balls until i figure out what to do with them. 28-70 is a great length lens fo all sorts of photography
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great response and idea. I hadnt thought of renting the spare lens and that makes great sense so I can try them. I could even try ahead of time for a day for in church shot conditions locally and to get used to functions, process some test photos and be prepared for events when i use it. Im still concerned about changing lenses in critical situations timing wise and for the reasons of dust etc hitting the sensor. Nice thing about my 28-200 equivalent sony was never having to remove the lens and the 5x optical zoom was a plus. I will check out the suggested lenses and ad them to my check out list . Some great and helpful ideas in just the couple of responses I had so far. thanks again. Ken
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