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Idle - thanks for letting me know

Kenbalbari - I see. Of course I don't expect the same results as one would get from a SLR. I'm being a bit cautious because I've read some reviews about cameras that absoultely can't take clear pics without a tripod - which kind of conflicts with the purpose of a P&S in my opinion. The reason I was worried about the panasonic was thatsincecamera shake becomes more visible at telephoto, would te image stabilizer be enough to get a clear pic? From the replies here, people seem happy with it.

JimC - Iwrote in the brand forums because I wanted to ask questions about a specific model of that brand. Since there were others that were asking similar questions, I thought it was appropriate to do so.

Rinniethehun - Here's where I read one of the reviews:


I think I'll be spending the next few days at the electronics stores, playing around with them. Thank you all for replying!
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For low light level shooting, the Fuji cameras seem to work the best. I own a Kodak C-875, but do not use it for low light level shooting as ISO 800 is pretty noisy.

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The link you posted was not a professional review. If you start listening to every "man on the street", you will find those who will bash certain brands to death, and those who will praise the same brand no matter what their personal experience is or was with them. This particular individual claims to have owned three F10's (and apparently hated every one of them) and still went out and bought an F20 (???).

Let's go back to your OP...

"1-Shoot at concerts -very dark, night photos, macro photography, landscapes

2-Shoot pics of 5-12 inch models which I'll place in my portfolio. I'm looking for a camera that can shoot clear pics indoors WITHOUT a flash (The sharp shadows caused by the flash don't look too good). And I don't want to lug around a tripod wherever I go."

You set the criteria...underlining...capital letters... If you think you can get a better low light camera than a Fuji for $200, buy it. Just make sure you come back and post some of your great low light pics, so we know which camera to recommend in the future.

the Hun

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