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If I'm not mistaken and I don't think I am. I believe the focal range for both cameras is so close that its not really needed to get any closer. 1cm each. and the canon you can touch the len basically. I'll confirm asap.
And someone else please reply to this that has one. From things I have read.
Canon s3 and s5 have a macro mode that focuses at 10cm. Then another mode called supermacro that is under 1cm. Instead of this the panisonic has 1 mode that goes into 1cm instead of super and normal.
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As I've noted to many folks... I was extremely surprised and happy with the macro capabilities of the Nikon CoolPix 990 when I owned it (several years). The camera has a magnesium chassis, feels like an instrument and not a toy in your hands, has real glass lens elements, accepts screw-in filters and closeup/telephoto lenses, and has more than enough technical features to satisfy the adventurous. One that I always loved was the rotating body mount which separated the lens from the business end and LCD. It ws very useful when positioning the camera in odd places for macro and regular shots, and works extremely well when shooting over a crowd as the lens can point at your subject and the display/body rotates 360 degrees to face you for composition.

Steve's review notes "The all glass, 3x Zoom-Nikkor lens has 38-115mm coverage (35mm equivalent) plus a virtually stepless 4x digital zoom option. If you enjoy shooting close-ups you can get as close as 0.8 inches away from your subject with the Nikkor lens' superb macro capability."

"Great photographs start with great lenses, the Coolpix 990 has a fast f2.5, 9 element, all glass Nikkor 8-24mm (35mm equivalent of a 38-115mm) zoom lens. Behind the lens is a new 7-blade iris diaphragm for true depth of field control. The autofocus system is a contrast-detect TTL type with 4,896 steps for precise focusing from less than one inch to infinity. Autofocus can be continuous when the LCD is on or single autofocus is activated by a half press of the shutter release. Focusing can also be performed manually in which case the distance is indicated on both LCDs and can be visually confirmed on the color LCD with the peaking function.

Check out the full review: http://www.steves-digicams.com/nikon990b.html

You can buy a nice, clean CP990 for around $200-$300 depending on what accessories the seller is including with it. If you go this route... do not buy a Nikon CP995. Nikon went to plastic lenses and I'm sure there are other things done to reduce costs. The CP990 sold for around $1000.00 when it first came out, and it was Nikon's defacto prosumer digital camera.
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The Canon A720IS is also great at macros and can get as close as 1cm. It can be bought online for less than $200.
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the cameras suggested are great cameras for the price and all. Does anyone think the sx100 would be the best bet? I'm pretty sure its macro will exceed your expectations and for the camera being for productivity reasons. If you plan on making it look better it seems like a good idea. It as well has a 1cm macro mode. I am pretty sure no matter what camera you get you will be satisfied with the quality but, a lil more is a lil more. the better it is the better the jewelery looks
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