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My 79-year-old mother is impressed with the 12X zoom feature on my girlfriend's Lumix FZ3 and says she wants to give digital cameras a try. I know she wants 10x or 12x optical zoom, point and shoot simplicity, preferably with image stabilization of some sort. The one other requirement that I think she will need is making it difficult to find any camera is that she will want an optical viewfinder. I am pretty sure she will never get used to the electronic viewfinders and their tiny lcd image of what you are supposed to be looking at. She will want to see what she is used to seeing all these years...a plain glass optical viewfinder. I've tried using the shopping guide at Steve's but when I select optical viewfinder and all the other requirements, I get no hits. Maybe what I need for my Mom doesn't exist. Is there some reason that all high level (10x-12x)zoom cameras seem to only come with EVFs?(electronic viewfinders)

Thanks for any information or advice you can offer.

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Danny, has your mom looked through the viewfinder of your girlfriend's FZ5? If ithe EVF seemed strange to her it may take some getting used to, but I seriously doubt it would be a long-lasting problem. I have two digital cameras, one with EVF (Olympus C-730) and one with an optical VF (Olyumpus C-5500), and I MUCH prefer the EVF. It lets me see what the lens is seeing, and has resulted in some wonderful macros with no cropping necessary--among other shots. With the 5500 I have parallex correction to deal with unless I use the LCD screen, which I prefer not to do.

Unless you think image stabilization is critical, I would highly recommend the Olympus C-765. I haven't seen the specs on this camera in a while, but I don't think it has IS. It sells for around $250. Or, if IS is important, the FZ5 costs about $100 more. I just ordered one from IBuyDigital.com.

Good luck--your mom will have fun with this.


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Danny , I am the same way. I preferre the oldstyle, but a simple solution, get the digital camera in your moms hands again. and instead of having her look through the view finder , turn on the lcd screen, get her acustomed to that, why. 2 inchs and bigger, is better then sqiinting through a 1/8 inch by 1/8inch slot. see a lot more, get the whole pic, and will eat a lil more battery life but not much.
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Have a look at the new nikon s4...
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I actually do think of the EVFs as "old style," becauselike all my old 35mm SLRS they allow me to look through the lens....well, not technically, but the result is the same. Although they may fade a bit in low light situations, I have a strong preference for the EVF.

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