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pocketdigital Sep 12, 2009 10:37 AM

best picture quality, >3 zoom, pocket size
Like everyone else, I'm looking for the perfect digital camera.
My requirements in order of importance are as follows:
1. excellent image quality (the most important criteria for me). I do own image processing software for additional improvements.
2. small size able to fit into pocket
3. preferably an optical zoom beyond the basic 3x
4. decent flash
5. 8+ Megapixel images
6. $200-300 range (or less)
7. image stabilization would be nice
8. Does not have to be the latest model

I am confused by all that is out there today. I've found several that meet my criteria but am turned off by review comments of noise at some higher ISO settings and do not know how much weight to put on that.

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