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I have a Canon S5IS that serves me well, but I'd like to get a pocket camera that uses the same AA batteries. The A570 is too big. One that looks possible is the Panasonic DMC-LS75, but I've seen no reviews. 2 AA cameras seem to be at the bottom end of each company's offerings. I'd be willing to pay more for a 2 AA camera that has the same quality as, say, a Canon SD870, but it seems that this type of camera is not made. Low light performance for indoor shots is what I am looking for mostly and image stabilization preferred. Any recomendations?
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What you desire does not exist in any current camera, at least not in one that uses SD cards, which I presume is what you want to stick with since your S5 uses them. I've been looking for a compactSD card camera that has fast performance and flash recharge times, goodlow light sensitivity and decent video quality, and have found nothing that really comes close. Over the past year or two, all manufacturers have jumped into the asinine megapixel war where all that counts is boasting a stupidly high MP number on a sticker on the front of the camera and having seven "designer" colors to attract the young female demographic. Between using smaller sensors and cramming ever larger numbers of pixels onto those smaller sensors, overall image quality and low light performance has deteriorated.

If you're willing to go with a lithium battery instead of the AA's, try a Fujifilm F40FD. It's very small (more compact in real life than it appears in the photos), has a big 1/1.6 Super CCD sensor for good low light performance, has a quality build as good as any Canon SD series camera, plus it was among the first of Fujifilm's newer cameras to offer dual SD and XD card compatibility. If you can find one below original MSRP (which is quite difficult now, six months after they phased this model out of production), and are willing to buy some XD cards, the 6mp Fuji F31fd was supposed to be even better in low light situations, have much higher image quality, but again, it has a Li rechargeable battery.

If you do find something that meets your criteria, please post here and let us know what you bought.
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The Olympus FE series uses AA batteries and are very small as well. Perhaps that might be worth a good look.

Sarah Joyce
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