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Kaylene Oct 12, 2004 6:15 PM

Here I go again! I am looking for a small compact point & shoot digital camera that takes excellent pictures. I am an avid scrapbooker and design scrapbooking products so taking great pictures is a must for me but sad to say when it come to having to deal with all those menus and modes and how to even maneuver around I am soooo lost:?. I did purchase over a year ago what I thought would be a great camera for me, the Olympus C-5050 Zoom and I still have yet to figure it out....maybe someday.;) I am looking for a camera that is small, compact to take with me and easy to use. We are planning on taking our first vacation in 7 years for 10 days in Decemberto the Dominican Republic....just me and my kids:-). So I want something that will take great pics and is easy for someone else to us (going with 2 other couples) to get pictures of us. Do I sound crazy yet??!!:G I posted earlier replies yet and have been researching all afternoon. I would love to hear from any and all that can help me with my camera search!!

Thanks so much!!


stallen Oct 12, 2004 7:10 PM

I would say get the P 150. Just because you'll get the best picture quality. The only reason to go with the T1 or T3 would be because of the 2.5 LCD, slightly more pocketable,and price. The P 150 takes great pictures and you'll have an advantage when cropping pictures with 7MP.

Kaylene Oct 13, 2004 11:02 AM

Thank you so much for you input. You do make a great point since I do crop pictures so much with my scrapbooking that it does make sense to go with the Sony DSC-P150 with the 7.2 megapixels for better images. I think I am leaning that way...thanks again!


rfredd Oct 14, 2004 8:50 AM

i don't think you need a 7 mp camera or need to spend $500 for what your doing. 4-5 mp should be great for the amatuer vacationer who needs prints us to 8x10 and you can find one for $250 - $300 that takes great pictures.

Sony P73 for $250, Kodak CX7530 for $260, Canon S410 for $300,

maybe i'll way off, but more mp does not equal better pictures unless your printing posters or doing some major, major cropping.

wmussatto Oct 14, 2004 4:47 PM

Looking at the reviews the 4 MP and the 7.1 MP cameras seem to be good points on the noise curve. The 5 MP had either too much noise suppression (Sony's) or more noise (Canon's). Of course I'm sitting here with a brand new FZ-20 (5 MP) so "Do as I say not as I do..."

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