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Default Best price on UK 5d mk3

Hi there

I've been googling around for a good price on the 5D Mk3 with 24-105 for genuine UK stock.

The prices seem pretty fixed at around 2899 (150 cash back available on this) but I was just wondering if there are any good local independent who will do a deal.

I'm considering a grey import from DigitalRev, but when I bought my 700D I actually found a good UK deal so the difference wasn't that great in the end and the security of a local retailer was worth that marginal extra.

In the case of the 5D the difference is more significant in particular if I add a few accessories and a second lens. e.g. 500 + cheaper.
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The online advertised prices all seem the same because they are fixed by the manufacturer.
The retail stores cannot advertise for less, if they try the manufacturer cuts them off from from further supplies.
It is the same for the other major camera brand.

Canon MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy went into effect in 2012
Note that the individual vendor can sell it for less in the store, they just cannot advertise the equipment for less than the manufacturer set MAP.

So that means web searching for a lower price has become ineffective, you must travel around to the shops and try to strike a deal in person.

Any deal to be had usually consist of some extra usually next to useless kit being thrown in to the package.

Buying gray on an expensive item is a risk, you will never be able to get it serviced. Even if you offer to pay cash both Canon and Nikon will reject it from their repair shops. Unless it is taken back to the country its serial number indicates it was destined to be sold in.

And some of the gray deal places break up the package and might try to sell you the bits like the charger and battery separate to get the price back up.

If you do see a slight price drop in the shops it usually means the body is about to be replaced by its successor.
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Hey Peter

That's a lot of good info .. Esp regarding grey imports and why to leave well alone. Unless the kit comes with a global warranty.
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