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Dear fellow beings,

Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

I intend on purchasing a digital camera and as I travel a lot, I would like it to be as small and compact as possible (that's not to say it can't be a little bigger than the credit card sized ones). But naturally I would like it to have as gooder quality as possible.

Previously, reviews on the Sony T1, 3, 5, 7 had decent reviews but a fair few negatives. That is, what you might be gaining in size advantages, you compromise on quality. However overall, the T9 has a lot stronger reviews and has the stabilizer feature.

Before I purchase this, I want to make sure there isn't a better camera with a similar size and price range out there. I fear I may be paying for just the name and could get slightly more features with another brand. I know there are many other brands with a smiliar size such as Casio Ex series, and the new and latest Canon Powershots look awesomehowever are around $500.

Would you be kind enough to perhaps list a few alternative camerasthat could compete and surpass the Sony T9,that have all the latest features (high MP, stabilizer etc) stay within a price limit of $350

Many thanks and Regards.

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I think the only stabilized pocket cameras in that size and price range are the Panasonic FX9 and FX01. If you could stand something a little larger the Panasonic TZ1 has a stabilized 10X zoom lens in a small package within your budget. None of the Panasonics are as good at ISO 400 for noise as the T9.

As you point out the Casio SD700 has stabilization and a 4X zoom as well as an optical viewfinder and advertised better high ISO noise, but they are still quite pricey at the few places that show stock. And it won't be quite as small as the T9, FX9 and FX01.

Sony will release the T30 soon but the prices will probably be high at first.

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