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qwerty11 Nov 14, 2005 7:41 PM

So whats the best one... Picture quality is the biggest factor.

slipe Nov 14, 2005 8:51 PM

There isn't a best camera. Most have qualities that distinguish them from the others. I wanted full manual everything, a large LCD and an optical viewfinder in a tiny camera. The only choice available was the Casio Z750, which I have been quite pleased with.

But it might not be the right camera for you. I have heard they strengthened the gearing so it won't develop lens errors if you extend the lens in your pocket. I have found it a minor hassle to put the mode dial in audio record before slipping the camera in a pocket or case. If you have no need for manual controls, an optical finder or MPEG4 movies with the great past movie mode, there are probably more suitable and tinier cameras.

Look through some of Steve's sample pictures. Display them at screen size – not 100% where you have to scroll around to see different parts of the image. Or print a few at 8 X 10. It is hard to find bad image quality. If you plan on taking pictures indoors without a flash you need something like the Fuji F10 with high ISO or Panasonic FX9 with mechanical stabilization. If you need more than 3X optical zoom you might consider something like the Sanyo C5. Don't even look at digital zoom capability – it is basically useless.

Look through Steve's Best Cameras list. Find some in your price and size range. Read the reviews and decide what features and image size will best suit your use.

Carskick Nov 15, 2005 7:55 PM

As slipe said, there is not best camera. How can there be? Even things such as picture quality are subjective, and it really depends what situations your speaking of. Can you give us some ideas of price, usage, what you want it to do , features you want, etc?

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