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My Casio EX-S100 finally died after many great years of use. Normally I don't hold onto a camera for that long, but I really loved this one, it was so compact and durable. So now I'm trying to decide whether to buy the latest Exilim (EXS770), or if there are better ultra-compact cameras that have come out since I last looked? There's no specific feature I'm really looking for, just want the camera that has the best balance of photo quality, features and compact size. Any suggestions?

I haven't really looked much yet, but so far the only others I've liked are the SD750 and the SD1000. How do they all compare? What else should I look at?
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I now have a Nikon D40 DSLR, a Sony H5 superzoom, a Fuji31fd and a Casio EX-P600. My wife has the Casio EX-S500 and loves it for its size, best shot modes, and reliability for point and shoot. Many reviews (but not Steve's) criticised its image quality, butI haven't found this an issue. If you liked its predecessor, you must like its successor. Of all the cameras above (plus a Panasonic FZ1 superzoom), I feel that the Casios are the most "reliable" in exposure and you can tweak the colours to give you what you want. Apart from not having aperture or shutter priority, the EX-S500 is highly configurable even in Auto mode. Most cameras restrict you heavily in Auto.

By the way, there is now an EX-S880!
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I think there are still some Casio EX-S600 around for much lower price than the S770.
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