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Check out this new (and first official) review of Fuji V10:

Seems promising, right? I'm not too crazy about the design or more specifically, the colour themes, but it's not that important. Also, the controls may be a bit ankward to use. But the praise on low noise and performance in low light caught my attention!


Some sample pics:


What do you think?
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JungleKing, nearly every message I post in these forums contains some sort of grammatical or spelling error, usually something that I know better than to do. And I do know that correcting someone else's grammar almost always makes the corrector look bad. But if by chance you did not understand the difference between the plural and the singular, I thought you would want to know. So I took a chance, and I really appreciate the graciousness with which you accepted the correction.

At this point, I think you're in danger of getting stuck in endless decision mode. There will always be a potentially better camera in the pipeline. If you wait to check each one out, you could still be debating the merits of your favorite candidates three years from now.

Any of the three cameras you are comparing will probably serve your needs. The F30 will probably get the best pictures in low light. It sounds as though the V10 may be close in low-light quality, although we haven't actually seen any low-light samples yet. But we have seen ISO 1600 samples from the FX01; if they are sufficient for your needs, then the greater quality of the Fuji cameras might not be so important to you.

On the other hand, the FX01 gives you a much wider angle of view, and that might be very useful if you expect to take group shots of your friends in crowded settings. Or it could be a disadvantage: each of these cameras will perform best in low light at the widest zoom setting. If you don't want the wide-angle view, you'll have to zoom in, which will reduce the light reaching the sensor.

The F30 may have better styling than the F10, but its dimensions and weight are nearly the same. The V10 rearranges the dimensions but maintains the weight. Either of the Fuji cameras is about 20% heavier than the FX01.

You will have to decide how to weigh these factors. There is some risk involved. You may not be entirely happy with your choice. But chances are, no camera will entirely satisfy you; I know I always find something that frustrates me about every camera I own, and there have been more than I'm willing to count!

If you will go ahead make your best choice now, and then stick with it, and use your new camera diligently for at least six months, I can almost guarantee that you will take some photos with it that make you happy. And the next time you decide to buy a camera you will be much more knowledgable and decisive about the features you want.
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