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Default Best ultracompact out right now?

I am in the market for an ultracompact point and shoot.
What is the best one out there right now?
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You might want to look at the Sony W-170.

Sarah Joyce
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I would also stick with 10MP as I read packing more and more megapixel into a small sensor is not a good idea. In fact, the new Canon G11 is 10MP?

Anyway, personally I like the photos taken with my friend's Sony P&S. I guess it's a matter of personal taste...

- Hiro

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What's an 'ultra-compact' camera these days, anyway? Most 3x zoom cameras are not much smaller (if at all) than the newer 5x, 10x or even 12x cameras. Very close in size to the model Sarah suggested but with a much smaller sensor, 2 extra MP and great handling of high ISO, is the Fuji f100fd (still in production but being replaced by the f200EXR, which IMO is not much better, just more expensive). I never paid too much attention to Fuji cameras until a co-worker got one of these little guys. It's a very capable camera.

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Originally Posted by mtclimber View Post
You might want to look at the Sony W-170.

Sarah Joyce
How does the W-170 compare with its newer model the Sony w-290 which is cheaper or the new FinePix F70EXR at the same price? I too am looking for an ultracompact that takes decent pictures.
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I have here Consumer reports latest issue that has lab tests of 43 Subcompact point and shoot cameras. I will give you there top 10with the CR score at the end.
1.Sony DSC-W300 - $300 73
2.Canon SD880 IS - $270 72
3.Canon SD1200 IS - $230 71
4.Canon SD990 IS - $370 70
5.Fuji F200EXR - $380 70
6.Sony DSC-G3 - $500 68
7.Nikon S710 - $280 68
8.Canon SD780 IS - $280 68
9.Panasonic DMC-fx150 - $230 68
10. Sony DSC-T900 - $380 68
All 10 cameras have very good image quality and all the cameras have very good to excellent next shoot delay, in actuallity there is not much differentiate these cameras with the exception of two categories, one being first shoot delay and the second being Max ISO with best picture quality. The poor performers in the first shoot delay area are as follows
Canon SD 990 IS
Nikon S710
Panasonic DMC-Fx150
So that is three I would cross off my list. The rest off the cameras have a Max ISO with best picture of 100 or 200 or 400 with the exception of the Canon SD780 IS it has Max ISO with a best picture of 1600. What this means in theory is that this model should be able to take good indoor shots, this is were most p&s are lacking. Of the 10 camera The Canon SD780 IS should be the best camera for taking picture's indoors. All the Sony had a best picture ISO of 200 or 100 so for me I wouldn't consider them and so that leaves us with
Canon SD880
Canon SD1200
Fuji F200EXR
Canon SD780
and of the four cameras left standing I would choose the Canon SD780 IS based on it's high ISO capabilities.
One last tid bit. Consumer Reports have a segment best camera that fit's into a pocket. They were as follows,
Canon SD1200 IS
Fuji F200 EXR
Canon SD780 IS
again 3 of the four cameras I would consider.
I would also like to say I base my opinions strictly on what I have read in Consumer Reports and that I have never tried any of these camera's, I do however stand by what Consumer Reports says because the do not advertise in there magazine and show no bias in there testing. I would also say that a would take my view with a grain of salt as there are lots af professionals here who are very knowledgeable and I am just an amature with an idea.
Hope this helps.

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I don't believe the W300 is still in production. It's becoming a hard-to-find camera. It appears to be a good model but honestly, there are other brands/models that have lenses longer than 3x (way too limiting for me unless it's a camera like the LX3, which has many features not available on most P&S) and can produce excellent results.

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