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Are there any professional wedding photographers out there that could recommend a suitable camera?Do people still use film cameras or isdigital now the medium? I have heard that the Fuji F3 pro is a good bet because of the good dynamicrange. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Yes, the Fuji S-3 is an excellent camera, however is is also rather expensive. Fo somebody just beginning, I would recommend the Nikon D-50, the SB-800 flash, and some excellent Nikon wide aperture lenses. You could do quite well.

I first began shooting weddings in the 1950's with a Rolleiflex.

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Digital is the medium of choice for almost for everyone, but there are still a few of the film holdouts out there.

Some of the wedding shooters I know do like the Rollie digitals very much

The Bronica bodies are/were popular with backs from Imacon, Phaseone or Leaf but they seemed to have quit the business.

The Hasselblad H2D 39mp DSLR is a very nice tool too, maybe someday I'll try to upgrade from my obsolete Bronica.

And yes a lot of people do shoot with the small formats from Canon, Nikon, Fuji and others. All will produce decent images so long as you don't try to over enlarge when having your lab output them.
Having the proper equipment, backup equipment and knowing how to use it is one of the things that seperates the weekend warriors from the professionals.

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Thanks for the response MT. I've seen the F3 body for £600 on Amazon; which is a fantastic price for the camera. Apart from the dynamic range, the resolution is a selling point and the pro handling characteristics.Also it uses the Nikon F mount which means that I should be able to source some nice glass. Any suggestions?

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