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Most LCD's are difficult to view in direct sunlight.
True. And the F30's is far better than most. I dont think you'e going ot beat it with another LCD. If you prefer an optical viewfinder though, you need a camera with an optical viewfinder.

But I think most reviews I've seen have commented on how good the F30's screen was.
The 2.5-inch LCD display features a low-glare coating, that worked great outdoors, even with the bright sun beating directly on it.

On the back of the camera you'll first notice the large 2.5" LCD display, which has been improved since the F10. This screen has double the resolution of the one on the F10, with a total pixel count of 230,000. As you'd expect, everything is nice and sharp on the screen. Fuji has also added a "Clear View" anti-glare filter, similar to what you'll find on plasma televisions. That makes the screen quite visible outdoors, even in bright light -- and using the "quick brightness" feature helps even more. Low light visibility was also very good, as the screen brightens automatically in those situations.

Most reviewers have mentioned the high resolution, 230,000 pixel LCD display, and the anti-glare coating as being amongst the areas this camera stands out. From dcresource:

What I liked:
    What I didn't care for:

      • Excellent image quality.[/*]
      • Very little noise up to 400 ISO.[/*]
      • Aperture and Shutter priority modes.[/*]
      • Very responsive camera.[/*]
      • High definition 2.5-inch LCD monitor.[/*]
      • Sensitivity gain up to 800 ISO with auto mode and flash.[/*]
      • Not enough compression choices.[/*]
      • No fully manual mode that allows control over both aperture and shutter speed.[/*]
      • 1600 to 3200 ISO useable, but noisy.[/*]
      http://www.digitalcamerainfo.com/content/Fujifilm-FinePix-F30-Digital-Camera-Review/Conclusion.html Like
      - Extremely sharp images with a lot of detail
      - Expansive ISO range - Very low noise levels throughout sensitivity range
      - Excellent dynamic range for compact camera
      - Great LCD resolution
      - Effective i-Flash system
      - 580-shot battery life
      - More manual control than F10
      - Flatter body design


      - Lots of lens motor noise (and loud continuous auto focus)
      - Disappointing color reproduction
      - Slow start-up time
      - LCD solarizes above and below eye level
      - Slow flash recycle time
      - Misleading "Picture Stabilization" mode
      - Burst only 3 shots long
      - No zoom in movie mode

      The screen does wash out, however when it's viewed at too much of an angle above or below. This is true in any light. Digital Camera Info does a good job of explaining:

      As previously mentioned, the F30's LCD screen has great features, such as 230,000-pixel resolution, a selectable 60 or 30 fps refresh rate, a power save mode, and 100 percent accuracy when using it as a viewfinder. The 2.5-inch LCD screen is the same size as the F10's screen, and has twice the resolution.

      Its viewing angle, however, is a little finicky, despite Fujifilm's Clear View anti-glare coating. If held above the head or below eye level, the screen solarizes and looks like a film negative. When held to the right and left of the head, though, the view is much clearer and properly colored and contrasted. Viewing the LCD screen in direct sunlight is still tough. The F30 has a few features to help: the top of the multi-selector acts as a sort of "gain up" mode that increases brightness and contrast on the screen. This is much easier to access than the +/- 5 brightness levels in the setup menu. When the view is enhanced, it is still tough to see small details in the image.
      If you want to supplement the F30 with a camera that does better outdoors, you might try the Panasonic Lumix Fx-01. It has a nice high resolution LCD that doesn't wash out when viewed at an angle, and it also has good optical image stabilization.

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